A Color Story

January 18, 2017

I’m typically an all neutral kind of girl. Our house doesn’t have much in the way of colorful decor, and if you looked in my closet, you would find fifty shades of gray, but even with that being the case, color makes me so happy. It can be so inspiring and fun. Ian and I were out to lunch with my family the other day at Miller Union. It was our first time there and we highly recommend it, because you can’t beat farm-to-table chicken and waffles with sweet potatoes. Plus, the atmosphere is so open, yet welcoming. Afterwards, we were walking back to our car and came across this gorgeous mural. It was a rather warmer day for January and the combination of the sunshine and all the colors of the wall made me instantly happy.

This top from Macy’s is so incredibly comfortable and has some fun color to add a pop. Cove loved playing with the tassels all day. I can’t wait to pair it with some shorts and skirts this summer. What colors inspire you or make you happy? Hope you all are having a great week! Continue Reading…

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Editors Box

January 16, 2017

I was so excited to see the FabFitFun Editors box on my front porch. I love a good mail day, and a box full of goodies is like a serious reward after you spent the morning cruising down the aisles at Costco with a toddler.

The Editors box came with a super soft, Modcloth Loch and Key scarf in the cutest plaid, which we used as a makeshift blanket to sit on that day. Cove really loves to be outside, so if we’re going to spend the morning in the car or running errands, I try to make sure he has some time to run around and play at the park or in the backyard. The blanket scarf was perfect and it’s also great for a little peek-a-boo fun.

The box also came with a Created Co. To-Go Coffee Mug, FabFitFun Coloring Book & Colored Pencils, Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain (which I am obsessed with), Marrakesh Argan & Hemp Hair Oil, O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face, and the cutest Jook & Nona Tag Necklace.

I’ve tried a few subscription boxes and I have to say, this one is by far my favorite. There are $200 worth of goodies for just $50, plus ten dollars off the first box with code SOUTHERN10. If you give it a try, I would love to hear what you think. Continue Reading…

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Stay for the Sunsets

January 12, 2017

I promise, I will stop posting about California after this. (Until our next trip…) But, I did save the best for last.

On our last day, we enjoyed soaking up the beaches around where we were staying in Dana Point. We didn’t really make plans to see anything in particular. We knew on the last day we would want some time to just soak up the things we loved. After lunch in Laguna, we drove up the coast a ways to Newport Beach to enjoy the scenic drive and let Cove sleep. On our way back, Ian told me he had a surprise for when we got back. A few months before our trip, I had mentioned how I wanted to dedicate Cove on the beach at some point.

A little after Cove was born, we dedicated him formally at our church in front of friends and family, but I still wanted just the three of us to do something special together. Ian, being the gem of a husband and father he is, had remembered me mentioning it and surprised me by taking us to one of our favorite beaches, and reading and praying over our family and Cove. My heart could’ve burst from the joy I had as I watched Ian lead our family and Cove play in the sand. Just as we finished praying, the sun started to set and we sat there, mostly in silence, and soaked every second in.

There is something about watching a sunset that makes me realize that no matter what the day might have held, things are going to be alright. Now, really think about this with me. I know we all think sunsets are gorgeous. No one can deny that. But when you are watching it, doesn’t bring you to terms that there is peace beyond you and your situations. Just like a rainbow at the end of a storm, a sunset is like a promise at the end of the day that things are going to end beautifully. John Piper shared this during his sermon on the goal of God loving us:

“No one goes to the Grand Canyon to increase self-esteem. Why do we go? Because there is greater healing for the soul in beholding splendor than there is in beholding self.”

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Sweater Weather

January 10, 2017

Just when I was enjoying all the warm, Georgia winter weather and park dates last month, the bitter cold came quick. Ian’s favorite time of the year is when it get’s cool and cold. The lower the temperature, the better. He loves the cold and being bundled up inside by a fire. I think the fact he loves it so much has changed my heart towards the cold slightly. I do love a good sweater and some hot cocoa, especially when he’s there with a huge smile on his face to wrap his arms around me.

This sweater from Style & Co. is definitely a favorite this season. I love the babydoll fit with the cute sleeves. It definitely has a more flattering fit compared to some of the boxier sweaters I have and love. I am huge fan of mixing tans/camel and black so I paired it with my favorite washed black skinny jeans from Madewell.

What are some of your favorite things to do when it gets really cold outside? I’d love some ideas for things to do to make the season fun!  Continue Reading…

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Snow Days | Rare Days

January 8, 2017

Snow days are rare days around here. When they do happen, our grocery stores are usually nightmares until the shelves are empty, no milk and no bread. Does anyone else ever wonder why those are the essentials? I’m thinking we really need chocolate, red meat (for Ian) and plenty of sweet tea since Chick-fil-a won’t be open.

This is Cove’s second snow day. Last year I can’t say he enjoyed himself, but this year was a different story. He loved walking on it and had a great time laughing as we danced and made total fools of ourselves sliding around on the ice.

I’ve always been a beach kind of girl, but I really love a good snow day when we’re iced in at home. There’s something about being cozied up in the house with a fire, hot chocolate and not being able to leave that I love. Although, by the next day, I’m ready for it to melt because I go stir crazy. In reality, days like this are not just rare because of the snow. The fact we get to spend all day as just the three of us with no agenda or work, is out of the usual. Although we really try to schedule breaks and ‘us’ time into our schedule, we rarely get an entire day to do that. I am so grateful to kick off the new year with a day of rest, after the whirlwind of the holidays.

I saw a quote on Pinterest the other day that said, “If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit.”  It just really resonated with me after we finished planning out the year and setting some goals. There are going to be times where we get tired, and instead of giving up or getting burned out, we need to make sure we rest. Rest is a place where the mind can recoup and it’s also a place where our imagination can run freely without pressure. I hope you all are able to make the time to rest this year.

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Being Intentional with My Phone and How My iPhone Case is Helping Me

January 4, 2017

A lot of people have a love/hate relationship with their phones. To be honest, I’m part of that group. I have never wanted to be the person who is recognized for having their phone on them all the time. But, my phone is what keep me connected, helps me work on the go and is what I use to capture some of the special and fleeting moments in between – like when Cove took his first steps or when we’re having a bad day and need some music to cheer us up. After listening to this talk from Simon SinekI decided I wanted to make some changes with being intentional with my phone. Things like charging it outside my bedroom, leaving it in my purse when I am out with friends or family instead of having it out on the table and only using the internet or social media at certain times of the day to prevent me from wasting time and life. These things don’t mean I’m going to bury or throw away my phone, it just means that I am being intentional about how I use it. Continue Reading…

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Happy New Years

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! Thank you so much to everyone who has followed along with The Southern Trunk this past year. Your support and encouragement means more than you know. We are so excited to keep growing and introduce some new projects this year and we’re eager to see what 2017 has in store.

This past New Years Eve was pretty much like the last two years. Ian and I cooked ourselves dinner and talked about all the things 2016 brought us, taught us and the goals we are setting for 2017. Our night also included being cozied up in our pajamas on the couch. I have always believed in setting goals for myself. Not for personal achievement or really even success. Setting short and long terms goals keeps me motivated and passionate. When you know what you’re working towards, it’s far less easy to get distracted, and easier to adapt to life changes the require you to alter certain plans.

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2016 RECAP: Thoughts on Things

December 30, 2016

I can’t wait to see the path these three sets of feet get to take together in 2017. Last year, 2015, left such a strong mark on our lives with 2016 being a year of excitement and so much growth. Another year has come and gone where we made plans, but God had other things in mind. In the most beautiful of ways, He revealed how His plan was far better than what we could have ever imagined.  Continue Reading…