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Tunnel Vision

February 22, 2017

Only about a month after I shared with you how Cove had taken his first steps here, he started full on sprinting. I have to say it has been a really fun stage for us. Cove really loves to be outside, so most days we fit that into our schedule. Since temps have been mild this winter, we will usually go to the park and walk around or collect sticks and rocks around our house. We are doing a couple renovations on our house (not large ones, thank goodness), so last week we were able visit the lumber store by our house and had lunch together as a family. Burger Fi has an amazing veggie burger, so we stopped by there and walked next to the train tracks and through the tunnel. Cove figured out his voice echoed and was screaming and giggling so much. It was a perfect afternoon.

See Kai Run has shoes that are perfect for every stage of development. The first two pairs we received were for first walkers, which means the cartilage in his foot is hardening and bones are developing. The shoes were easy to bend and perfect for that crawling/walking transition. Now since he is running everywhere, we have moved to walkers, which have harder soles with good support and room for his feet as they grow and slim down. We got this cute pair of Dane high tops, a pair of the Tanner grey sneakers which are super easy to get on and off and go with pretty much anything, and a little pair of Jude sandals with leather lining for when it gets warmer. Continue Reading…

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Let’s Be Honest Mamas

February 20, 2017

Before I had a baby, I was really unsure of whether I would stay home with him / her or not. I’m a big advocate for encouraging mothers, no matter what they decide to do, because being a mama is already hard enough without all the unnecessary guilt others like to impose. We all have different circumstances, challenges and struggles. When we had Cove, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to decide for myself whether I wanted to stay at home or not, and after returning from maternity leave (to the most amazing job, which I loved), I felt like God had another plan for my life. There was a little guy at home who I wanted to spend every second with and a husband who was all in with their startup. More than my boys needing me, I needed them. I was so excited when the beautiful Hannah Rennee asked me to be a part of the “Let’s Be Honest Mama’s” interview group to share some insight into my life as a stay at home mom.

Motherhood itself has been the biggest growing experience for me. I have learned more through it than probably any other experience in my life, and I know it will continue. There are so many things I wish I would have known (and I am sure people tried to tell me) before having a baby, but I think it’s something you have to experience for yourself. Being able to stay at home with my baby and have a side hustle I’ve always dreamed about, is one of the coolest things ever. I am so grateful for technology and how it has given me this opportunity. I’ll stop rambling now, because I could go on and on about motherhood and just answer the interview questions… Continue Reading…

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The Oily Life | Be Well Do Well

February 17, 2017

There is real estate in your brain just like there is real estate in a city. Think of your brain as a city. When a city’s community is wrought with discord, crime, and a lack of care, that community becomes difficult to live in and its population suffers. When your brain is anxious, dwells on the negative, and is not taken care of, it will become a difficult place to live in.

The brain is the unsung hero of the body. We are so familiar with our limbs, our faces, our hair, our skin, and how they are doing, but are we familiar with the beauty of our brains?

Maybe your next thought is why should I think about the beauty of my brain? Because it is where you are living. The brain is the seat for our mind. Last week we said our mind is our very soul. Our brain captures what our mind dictates. Why is that a big deal? It is because our brain is constantly changing according to what we think on. Continue Reading…

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A Little Book Goes A Long Way

February 15, 2017

In my mind, every year is a year for the books. Whether it is the best year of our lives or we’ve been to hell and back, each year is one of growing, shaping and celebration. After all, we aren’t promised tomorrow. Every day we have here counts. With that in mind, Ian and I have always done yearly photo books. We love to take pictures. We are so grateful we enjoy documenting things all the time because it is so great to look back and remember seasons and specific memories we shared with each other.

In the past it has taken us days to sort through and edit photo books just the way we want them, but I was so excited when Shutterfly reached out to us to try their new Make My Book program. For an additional $10, Shutterfly will edit and compile your book for you. I chose the theme and color scheme I wanted and uploaded all my pics (I think there were over 400). There team then sifts through all the images and places them perfectly in the book for you. It only took 24 hours for them to send me the book proof they had compiled for me. I only made a few finishing touches and re-arranged a few pages by date. But overall it saved me SO MUCH time. If you are someone like me who loves to get images printed and books made or you have been putting it off because you know how long it’s going to take you to put a book together, I really recommend giving Make My Book a try. Continue Reading…


3 Things To Ask Yourself Before You Buy Something

February 13, 2017

Anyone else guilty of buying things you know will sit in your closet for the next 5 years until you finally purge? Okay, glad that’s not just me. I started really trying hard to get rid of one thing every time I buy something new, but I also started asking myself three things before I buy something.

  1. Is it comfortable? If its not, we all know I won’t wear it. Mom attire doesn’t call for scratchy and it certainly doesn’t call for me pulling and adjusting things all day. I am so much happier when my clothes are comfortable. Don’t we always pull those pieces out first to wear too?
  2. Is it me or is it just what’s in style right now? Please tell me you’ve been there with me. Those shoes that were so in style one minute and then in a season they were already collecting dust in your closet. I’ve been guilty of it, but I am really working to only buy pieces that fit ‘my’ style and what I love to wear.
  3. Will I wear it more than once?  You know those outfits that you bought for a single occasion, but you will never wear them again? Yeah, let’s not keep doing that. Let’s buy pieces we love that we will wear over an over again and not be afraid if someone already saw us in it, because it fits us like a glove.

Continue Reading…

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Brain Architecture | Be Well, Do Well

February 8, 2017

Training the mind is vague to me. Training the body is a concept I learned and understood in elementary school. Initially I think most people understand training the body in terms of the activity you pursue. Dance, track, tennis, lacrosse, baseball, horseback riding, football, cheerleading, swimming, ballet, golf, flying planes, wakeboarding, water-skiing, singing, musical instruments, soccer, basketball, softball, gymnastics, cross-country, and a host of other activities require training the body to do these well. The correlation between a healthy body ready to perform, and what you do with your day-to-day life is easy to make. You train your body, and you improve.

As you move into adulthood, often times the primary goal of training your body is to be healthy. You would be hard-pressed to drive down most streets in the cities of this country and not see either a gym or studio of some sort.

We have so much available to us to train our physical body, but we are created to work as a triune being with a spirit, soul, and body. I understand our soul to be our mind. It is who we are. We are keenly aware of what is going on with our physical body, but how do we measure the health of our very soul? There is so much to explore for the full answer to that, but I believe training our mind to keep certain thoughts and let go of others is an important piece. Continue Reading…

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Real Life Ramblings

February 6, 2017

Don’t let the squares and rolling feeds of fancy photos and curated content fool you. We all know pictures rarely capture the realness of what everyday life looks like.

Is anyone else a little tired of the over critical and anxiety around social media lately? If someone only posts pretty pictures they are “fake” or “surface-y.” If they post too much “real-ness” they are oversharing or their accounts just aren’t pretty. Who cares? Let people be. Let the space be a place to create, for people to be genuine, for people to share the happy moments or the sad moments, or for some people – all the moments in between. I love that social media is a place for people to keep a journal of their lives, to share the highlights, to encourage one another and to post the things we want to post. The best part is, no one is making you follow anyone. We get to choose who we want in our spaces and what we want to share. When we take those pictures and post too seriously we only rob ourselves of happiness. Continue Reading…

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The Happy Things

February 4, 2017

It’s officially the love month and my birthday month! We’ve got a lot going on but I’m looking forward to all of it.

If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram, you may have seen that two years ago at the beginning of February we were in the emergency room finding out that our first baby’s heart had stopped beating. A year ago I was struggling with postpartum and unsure of how to handle it without taking any medication, and three years ago we were dealing with some pretty heavy family illnesses and I was basically sick the entire month. I say all of that not to throw myself a pity party, but to let you know that this month I’m really going into it with a heart of openness instead of fear that it will be like years past. I recently read a book called Hope Heals about a family that’s gone through more than I could possibly imagine and way worse than any of my problems compare. I wanted to share one of the quotes that really stuck out to me.

“I can give glory to God, and it can still hurt.”

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