TIME | Universally Shared & Easily Taken for Granted

August 23, 2016
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We can go years or even a lifetime and never fully comprehend time as the most precious and fleeting commodity that it is. I’d guess the majority of us never really take to heart the stories we see and hear about every day of people who look back on their lives and wish they would have spent this precious gift more fully and without restraint. I don’t always do a good job at this, but over the last couple of years, Victoria and I have been extremely aware of this and have altered a lot of things to make sure we don’t waste what we’ve been given. Since bringing our son Cove into the world nine months ago, time and how we spend it, has been even more amplified. Here are a few of my thoughts…

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Transitioning Floral

August 15, 2016
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I love a good maxi, especially when it can be worn on many different occasions. I actually wore this dress while I was 38 weeks pregnant with Cove in the fall, and just recently wore it to a rehearsal dinner for my brother-in-law’s wedding. Maxi dresses are great pieces to transition from season to season. Throw a pair of boots on for fall and a flowy sweater, or a strappy pair of wedges in the summer/spring.

For this look, I paired the dress with my favorite sterling silver cuff from Dee Ruel and my favorite lace-up sandals. My favorite outfits are always the ones I can eat plenty of tacos in and no one will notice, and this dress is perfect for that. Continue Reading…

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Everyday Style | Happy Feet

August 9, 2016
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I am on my feet all day long. And although I love my sneakers, there is something about a cute outfit that can make the day feel better (or at least make you feel more confident than your yoga pants). With a little one, I like to make sure that my outfit is as practical as it is cute. That means dark colors, usually black. Madewell’s whisper tees are a staple and have a loose comfortable fit that goes with so many different styles of pants. One of my favorite ways to style it is with my favorite high waisted jeans. Top that off with the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, next to Nike Flyknits. These Rothy’s flats are seamless and perfectly stretchy with great support making them perfect for women on the go. If you travel frequently, then these are a must for your wardrobe.

I am a sucker for adorable branding too, and they wowed me when I received the package in the mail. The flats are made with three discarded plastic bottles and are treated with wicking that prevent moisture from getting to your feet. You can even wash them in your washing machine, and at the end of your shoes life, you can recycle them. How cool is that?

Be sure to check them out on Instagram for lots of happy feet.

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Thoughts on Things | Netflix, Instagram Stories and Being Lost

August 8, 2016
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1. So I know we are way behind, but we just recently finished the BBC Sherlock series with Benedict Cumberbatch (which I am obsessed with). After that, we didn’t really want to start a show, so we just started going through 90’s movies. I have to be honest, I kind of loved it. 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s All That, Remember the Titans… you get the picture. Does anyone else feel so much nostalgia when watching old movies like that? The best part is watching with them Ian because it’s almost like I am seeing them for the first time again. Are you watching anything on Netflix right now? If we were to start a show, what would you suggest? We got rid of cable a few years ago, and don’t really watch TV unless it’s on Netflix, so I am always open to suggestions :).

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Atlanta Staycation Part III | Fernbank

August 3, 2016
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On the last day of our staycation we headed to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. It is such a beautiful gem in Atlanta. When you walk in the museums great hall, you are surrounded by a recreation of the world’s largest dinosaurs which is stunning. The rest of the museum has a variation of different exhibits as well as a permanent exhibit on  Georgia’s History. One of the main attractions is the museums IMAX theatre, where it shows a variation of films on the planet and its beauty.

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Atlanta Staycation Part II | Georgia Aquarium

August 2, 2016
Georgia Aquarium WEB 28_7501

I think this had to be my favorite day of our staycation! Days with a baby under one are pretty unpredictable, so I have learned to not have very many expectations when we go out to do something. Some days can go insanely smooth, and others can end in massive blowouts, meltdowns and who knows what else. But in this case, Cove’s reaction to the aquarium far surpassed the small expectations I had. He was absolutely mesmerized. We could have sat at each exhibit forever letting him watch the creatures and fish swim around.

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the best aquariums I’ve ever visited, and my family has been to some all across the country and even in Canada. They do such a great job at really capturing every audience and have such a beautiful space. You could spend anywhere from two hours to an entire day soaking it all in.

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Atlanta Staycation Part I | Zoo Atlanta

August 1, 2016
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We were so excited to take a few days off for a little staycation in the place we call home. CityPASS hooked us up with some amazing passes to Atlanta’s greatest attractions. I was so excited to take Cove to some of the places I hadn’t been since I was a child. First on our list was Zoo Atlanta. Ian and I had both not been in about a decade. We had the best time going through and looking at all the animals. Ian joked that I was just as excited as some of the kids, and I really was! I loved seeing all the animals play and do their thing. Cove really loved the flamingos, gorillas and the pandas. We had a super close encounter with a panda, and Cove did not break eye contact with him until we wheeled him away in the stroller.

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Meal Planning | Summer Recipes

July 27, 2016
Meal Planning WEB 1_6944

Since we had Cove, I have tried to put more of an emphasis on cooking clean and making sure we have plenty of healthy options at the house. This is especially true now that he is eating what we eat. Dinner used to be very unorganized or last minute, leaving us eating out more and eating food that made us feel like sloths afterwards. While I don’t think that my method is the best one out there, it is super easy and takes less than thirty minutes (for a mom with a little baby – that’s huge). Continue Reading…