About Us


Everything started back in 2009. Well, it actually started somewhere around 2006 when Victoria saw Ian playing drums in a band, but in 2009, they connected over a Facebook message and become instant best friends. They loved the same things, despite being pretty different people, and every day their friendship grew stronger and stronger.

During a moped ride around the Bahamas is when Ian started to see Victoria as someone he wanted to call more than a forever friend. Fast forward to 2012, they committed their lives to each other in front of their friends and family.

Ian is Chief Design Officer at DIASYST, a clinical intervention company, where he manages a team of designers. He has 13 years in digital design, enjoys photography and likes to dabble in woodworking.

Victoria is a lover of all things marketing, design/styling and fashion, who considers tacos, coffee and Chick-fil-a sweet tea to be main food groups. Together they merged their passions to create something together: The Southern Trunk. A place to inspire, connect and somewhere to feel at home.

Together with their son Cove, they live the suburb life right outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Traveling the world and relaxing nights at home are their favorite things to do.

Though they love their story, it’s always their hope to tell a greater one. Romans 8.


While the other kids were playing with barbies and Pokémon cards, Victoria was designing clothes and sketching outfits in her sketchbook. Going into middle school, she got her first sewing machine and completely failed at making her own designs. Regardless of her failed attempts at becoming a fashion designer, Victoria always sought to use her creativity in her career, knowing that one day there was a possibility she’d be able to revisit that sketchbook and make those dreams come to life.

When Victoria and Ian launched TST in February 2014, they knew eventually they wanted to open a shop. They wanted to make things that inspired and made people feel comfortable and at home. Since they were both working full time, launching the shop didn’t happen initially.

Finally, after some late night and long weekend discussions, they set the direction for creating things they hoped would bring others as much happiness as they did them. Now, they get to express themselves through what they wear, how they decorate their homes and who they share those things with. Luckily, those things don’t have to come at a high price. It’s Ian and Victoria’s hope that this shop feels like home to each one of you and the pieces purchased inspire every one to find love, inspiration and happiness.