2015 has been one for the books. Literally, I think I could have written a book.

January – We had a rough start. New Years Eve last year, Ian and I were both passed out on the couch with a terrible flu. We rang in the new year with miso soup and antibiotics. Three days later, we found out I was pregnant with a baby due in September.

February – A month later, we lost our little love due to a miscarriage. February was incredibly rough as we moved out of our home for renovations during a time of grief and physical recovery, but at the same time, my faith and hope grew so much during that period. I learned to release control for the first time ever and give myself a break at always trying to keep the “plan” together.

March – In March, Ian and I prayed over the possibility of him starting a new venture and leaving the “security” of his corporate job. I have always been risk averse, but God had worked so much on my heart at the beginning of the year to really trust in His provision rather than my own attempts to create a secure life, that He challenged us both to step out in faith. A week after we decided to pull the trigger, God provided for us in a huge way! It was somewhat of a miracle when I think about how it was all orchestrated. We knew then that no matter how hard things may be, that God would provide.

April – We found out we were expecting again the day we left for our trip to Ireland. Ian and I both knew that God’s timing was perfect, especially because we don’t know that we could have stepped out in faith with Ian’s new job if we were expecting a little one. We also got to explore the country of Ireland with great friends.

May – My heart continued to heal from the loss of our first baby and prepared itself for beauty of God blessing us with new life. Ian and I made some more ‘adult’ decisions this month and he officially started GOIAN and Diasyst and became such a happy camper doing what he really loved for the first time.

June – We visited Seattle and Victoria BC for a work conference/vacation and announced the arrival of our little (BOY). We also celebrated the life of many of our close friends little ones and the marriage of my best friend.

July- We bought my ‘mom’ car and rebranded The Southern Trunk.

August – Ian and I rested and really soaked up the summer together. We went on lots of dates, ate lots of queso and lemonade, and explored some new Atlanta favorites. I also had my first baby shower.

September – We celebrated what would have been the due date of our first baby and our baby boy Cove on the way with a baby moon on 30A. We also celebrated the birth of our best friend’s little guy.

October – One our favorite seasons. It was so sweet celebrating our little pumpkin at a few more showers, going to pumpkin patches, and eating lots of pumpkin and fall spice foods.

November – It was a month full of thankfulness. We prepared for Cove’s arrival and made the finishing touches on his nursery. We also celebrated the holidays with our family and friends.

December – Cove Patrick arrived! Our hearts were full and we celebrated our first Christmas with new son. We even started some new traditions just the three of us.

Although our New Years Eve plans don’t include some huge ball drop or bash due to two infections and an allergic reaction, I am totally content curled up with my two boys watching movies and ringing in 2016 in our pjs.

Even though its been a year of highs and lows, it has been an incredible one. God’s faithfulness has been ever so evident and we are ready for a year of new beginning, lots of fun and exciting new adventures.





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