I can’t wait to see the path these three sets of feet get to take together in 2017. Last year, 2015, left such a strong mark on our lives with 2016 being a year of excitement and so much growth. Another year has come and gone where we made plans, but God had other things in mind. In the most beautiful of ways, He revealed how His plan was far better than what we could have ever imagined. 

Here are some of the highlights of this past year and what it looked like for each of us.

Ian: After beginning an exciting new venture with his career in 2015, this past year, 2016, has included many long days & late nights of working, exciting conversations about the future and a lot of big announcements to be made in 2017. Beyond his career, Ian has fallen more in love with his wife and son in 2016, through countless experiences / moments, including travel, personal / spiritually stretching realities & conversations, sweet moments of calming bliss & humility, and a whole lot of adventures. Overall, the biggest thing Ian has came to terms with this past year is to take every day as an exciting new experience, remembering every detail to look back on, and to embrace the reality that things might not go the way he expected or wanted them to go, and instead, adapting and rallying to the new direction.

Victoria: Soon after starting back to work, her heart kept feeling pressed that the Lord had other plans for her. After much prayer and consideration, she left her job as Marketing Director to stay at home with her littlest love and support Ian’s new venture which was moving ahead full steam. She turned The Southern Trunk from a hobby to a job and really pursued her dreams to do what she loved, with huge support from Ian. She celebrated her golden birthday by hitting a quarter of a century.

Cove: The first year of his life has been full of wonderful change. His personality is already proving that he is determined and loves to laugh. He is a tiny tornado which always keeps his parents on their toes. As soon as they tell him no, he usually runs in the opposite direction, then turns around and wraps his little arms around their legs while giggling. He celebrated his first birthday in December and it was more fun then everyone could have ever imagined. He loves to read, and most of all he loves to dance. Bruno Mars is his favorite artist to bust a move to, but he will jig to just about anything.

Us: We were able to travel a good bit this year, which is what we love the most. We visited Charleston SC, Franklin TN, Southern California, and did a small staycation in Atlanta. We also started and completed some minor home renovations to the kitchen and back deck, continuing to shape our house into a home.

Below are Some of My Favorite Memories:


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