My emotions have finally started to calm themselves! Thank the Lord! I know Ian is thankful too. Random tears at Chicfila and the grocery store were getting pretty annoying. We went back in for another ultrasound this week because Cove apparently didn’t want us to see his heart last time. It was totally fine with me since I knew I would get to see him again. We were happy to hear that all of his little valves were pumping and the heart was beating like a champ! Our ultrasound tech, Lindsey, is phenomenal. She was with us when we miscarried and has been with us throughout my entire pregnancy with Cove. She even got to tell us he was a little boy. So when we went in to check out his heart, she showed us some 3d imaging of Cove. Although he barely has any fat because he was only 23 weeks and 4 days at the ultrasound, we could already see the nose, lips and sweet little eye lids. I got to see where all those little kicks I have been feeling are coming from too. I was so happy that he kicked for my sister to feel him before she left for her trip to Italy!

I usually love summer, but Ian and I are both eager for some nice cool fall weather. It dropped about ten degrees this week from our normal 90-100 degree weather, so we were both so grateful to take some long walks together. The bump has definitely busted out in the past two weeks, and I am loving it. I can’t believe my belly will triple in size by the time he gets here!

week-24-bump_WEB-8 cove-week-23-1

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