I have always loved technology and gadgets, but it’s a love / hate relationship. My fear of where technology CAN go and where I think it will, stops me from integrating it into our home most of the time. The high price of smart home products also plays a huge role into my decision. The smart home concept has matured over the past few years, and prices for these products has become more affordable.

When a new smart gadget comes out, whether it be a smart security camera, wifi connected light switch or a smart lock, I like to wait a while for all the issues to be worked out. I also research a lot to evaluate whether it’s actually safe for my home. You can’t look at the internet without seeing some new privacy breach or hacker turning your car into a brick wall. To help give me peace of mind, I invested into a strong and secure Wi-Fi set up, to make sure we’re protected from the start. With the price of smart home products beginning to go down, I’ve been itching to see how they can make our home energy efficient, our live’s easier and most important, secure for my family.

This brings us to 3 ways we’ve made our home smarter and more secure with TP-Link products. For full-disclosure, I’m still trying out these products and determining how they fit into our home, but after a week in, I’m not seeing any way we won’t have them in our home. They’re very affordable and the installation for the Smart Wi-Fi Light SwitchWi-Fi Smart Plug and Wi-Fi LED Bulb with Color Changing Hue we’re simple and quick. Not to mention I can control everything from the Kasa app.

1. Lights On When We Pull into the Driveway

After the sun sets, I have our kitchen lights and living room lamps automatically turn on when we pull into the driveway. This not only helps when our hands are full so we can see after we open the door, but just in case someone is lurking around our house, I can jump straight into kung-fu mode without skipping a beat. Having the Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch in the kitchen and living room means our overhead lamps illuminate almost our whole home.

2. Energy Monitoring for the Lights We Use the Most

Since having our first little guy, two of the biggest bills that almost doubled were our water and power. Most of the TP-Link products come with energy monitoring technology so now I can see how much energy we use for each lamp, overhead light or anything that plugs into the wall. The Wi-Fi Smart Plug on the outlets we use most gives me full insight into how much energy we are using.

3. Mood Setting in the Bedroom

If we spend time on our phones in bed, it’s typically never for too long because I need my mind to start winding down and a screen definitely hinders that. When we start to go to bed, I change our nightstand lamp bulbs to a warm gold color to help our minds and eyes adjust to night / sleep mode. Or when your little guy hops in bed and you want to have a light / dance party. The Wi-Fi LED Bulb with Color Changing Hue gives me a million (literally) color options to choose from.

Be sure to visit TP-Link to learn more about their affordable, wifi-friendly line of Smart Home products, and use code TPLinkSmart for 20% off your purchase through December 31, 2016.

Some other smart home products we use and I fully believe in are listed below.

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