Anyone else guilty of buying things you know will sit in your closet for the next 5 years until you finally purge? Okay, glad that’s not just me. I started really trying hard to get rid of one thing every time I buy something new, but I also started asking myself three things before I buy something.

  1. Is it comfortable? If its not, we all know I won’t wear it. Mom attire doesn’t call for scratchy and it certainly doesn’t call for me pulling and adjusting things all day. I am so much happier when my clothes are comfortable. Don’t we always pull those pieces out first to wear too?
  2. Is it me or is it just what’s in style right now? Please tell me you’ve been there with me. Those shoes that were so in style one minute and then in a season they were already collecting dust in your closet. I’ve been guilty of it, but I am really working to only buy pieces that fit ‘my’ style and what I love to wear.
  3. Will I wear it more than once?  You know those outfits that you bought for a single occasion, but you will never wear them again? Yeah, let’s not keep doing that. Let’s buy pieces we love that we will wear over an over again and not be afraid if someone already saw us in it, because it fits us like a glove.

I recently got this dress from made by Cents of Style and it’s so comfortable. It even has pockets! Plus it’s long enough that when I am running errands or chasing a toddler around the park I don’t have to worry about modesty. Even though its still winter, it’s got me all in the mood for spring and warm weather.

What are some of the ways that you keep your closet from bulging and getting dusty?

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