Its been a while since I’ve shared an update with you. Things have so busy and we’ve been having so much fun celebrating fall. For Halloween, I dressed up as a walking emoji due to the fact that I am a walking ball of hormones. I even dressed Chuck up as my side-kick. The next week, my best friends hosted the most beautiful baby shower for me. It was so beautiful, in fact, that I cried the entire time…literally, the entire time. I was just overwhelmed with all the love people have shown to our family. The following week, Ian and I spent the weekend together just the two of us doing things together that we love. Walking around Target, drinking Starbucks hot chocolates, going to the movies, shopping and wandering around my favorite stores, and just being together in front of the fire at home. It was so nice to soak up some alone time with him with how busy things have been for both of us at work and in life in general.

And now we are here. There are only four weeks until the little guy gets here, and maybe even before that. The days are flying by and the prayers overflowing that he gets here healthy and quickly. Most nights that we don’t have plans, you can find me curled up on the couch eating gelato or sitting in front of the fridge hoping some delicious looking dessert will magically make its appearance.

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