It’s been a little while since I shared what’s going on with us, so I thought I would give a little update for those who are interested.

I’m sure you’ve picked up on little tidbits here and there, but we’re currently in the process of renovating part of the basement – OURSELVES. Well, when I say “ourselves”, Ian has been doing all of the work and I’ve just been doing my part here and there… Basically, moral support and bringing snacks, ha.

We decided with the second baby on the way, and Ian working from home a few days a week, he needed a space away from both of the kid’s rooms and playroom. Currently, he’s in a bedroom we made an office a while ago. We’ve done a great job working with each other the past two years, but we figured with two babes, it would be better for everyone. Lucky for us, he’ll still be close to us until his company moves into offices. I’m always so impressed with how Ian picks up things he’s never done before and does them so well. I may recruit him to finish the whole basement one day – wink, wink!

I am 17 weeks now, and so happy to be in the second trimester. I’ve been doing really well and have a good amount of energy, which lends to nursery nesting. The little bump has also already started popping out. I am hoping that soon people will notice it’s a baby and not a giant food bloat bump…

My biggest cravings have been sandwiches, Mediterranean Mint Talenti Gelato, and really all kinds of sweets/bakery goods. I guess I have Joey Tribbiani to thank for the sandwich cravings… Italian Subs from Publix have been my jam. I have them make sure my meat is cooked until it’s sizzling. I learned that trick and was so happy because I deprived myself of them for the first 7 weeks of my pregnancy. It’s a little funny because, with Cove, I craved Double Dark Chocolate Talenti Gelato. I feel like I should be a pregnancy spokeswoman for them, with how much I love them. Now I am counting down the weeks until we get to see our little guy.

Cove is going to be two in less than two months, and I love how much he interacts with us right now. I love having a little friend who talks to me and has become more expressive whenever we converse. He has been so sweet about the baby coming too, although I am certain he doesn’t fully understand it. He loves going into baby’s room and pulling out the baby clothes and even says his name!

I decided not to do a party this year and instead, we’re just going to have some family over for cake and snacks. We’ve always said we wanted our kids to love time together and experiences more than just stuff, and we wanted to start that young. We’ve already been talking about the ways we can teach them generosity at Christmas, instead of just opening a bunch of gifts. Are there anything you’ve done with your kids to help teach them about giving back and the importance of not being materialistic? I’d love to hear.

We received some snacks from NurturMe and Cove has loved all the fall flavors. We haven’t bought him pouches in a while, besides applesauce, so he was head over heels for the apple pumpkin beet ones and the honey crackers made with ancient grains. You can find them here.

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