Do you remember when you were a kid and little things seemed so much bigger and more exciting then they do now? I remember how big my grandparents basement felt when we were down there playing or how fiber optic lamps from the seventies felt like make-believe aliens (random I know). I often wish the creative part of my mind would still work that way.

Ian and I always talk about how much imagination and letting your mind wonder can bring innovation, and in careers / opportunities that really stretch your creative limits, how it would be so helpful to have those grand adventures like you did when you were a kid. I really hope we can help Cove embrace imagination and help bring his dreams to life. I believe as parents, it can be easy to get in ruts, or stick to reality all the time, but sometimes you have to feed those creative minds by taking it beyond their toys. Maybe it’s building forts in the living room, going on grand adventures in your own neighborhood or building things out of simple things you have laying around.

We recently received a new mattress from Newton Baby for Cove’s crib, and before putting it in his bed, we set it in the middle of the floor like a magic carpet and had snacks and played around it. Seems kind of silly to an adult, but we had so much fun and so did he (as you can tell in the pictures above).

This mattress is seriously more comfortable than the one we slept on when we first got married and it doesn’t have any springs, foam or glue that you would normally find in a mattress. My two favorite things about the mattress are that fact that it’s completely washable, and it’s Wovenaire® design make’s it completely hypoallergenic and flame resistant. Which means no chance of nasty mold or bacteria growing inside of it. The outside part comes off for the washing machine and the inside can literally be hosed down in the shower. I am so excited for a mattress that will last for years and for all of our future babies.

If you are in the market for a new mattress, I highly recommend the Newton. As an added bonus, they are giving one of the best and biggest discounts to The Southern Trunk readers: $30 off either their full-size or mini-crib mattress! Just use code STRUNK30 at checkout and the discount will be applied to the order.


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