We were so excited to take a few days off for a little staycation in the place we call home. CityPASS hooked us up with some amazing passes to Atlanta’s greatest attractions. I was so excited to take Cove to some of the places I hadn’t been since I was a child. First on our list was Zoo Atlanta. Ian and I had both not been in about a decade. We had the best time going through and looking at all the animals. Ian joked that I was just as excited as some of the kids, and I really was! I loved seeing all the animals play and do their thing. Cove really loved the flamingos, gorillas and the pandas. We had a super close encounter with a panda, and Cove did not break eye contact with him until we wheeled him away in the stroller.

I have to say though, I think his favorite part of the whole zoo were the rides. There is a carousel and train in the park and your CityPASS gets you unlimited access to them as well as a rock climbing wall. By the end of the first carousel ride, Cove was giddy with laughter. The train was even more fun for him. He screamed the whole time with excitement.

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If you are planning on making the trip with your family, the morning is the best time to visit. The animals are out and playful and since it’s cooler out, they seem to have more energy. We went shortly after the park opened, left a little after lunch and it was perfect. I also recommend doing the CityPASS route, because you get 43% off the admission of the top five attractions and access to almost all of the extra movies, IMAX, rides, etc., at each attraction. In the case of the Zoo, we could ride the train until Cove passed out from all the excitement.

Go Wild, Everyone!

*Thank you to CityPASS for the great passes.

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