I think this had to be my favorite day of our staycation! Days with a baby under one are pretty unpredictable, so I have learned to not have very many expectations when we go out to do something. Some days can go insanely smooth, and others can end in massive blowouts, meltdowns and who knows what else. But in this case, Cove’s reaction to the aquarium far surpassed the small expectations I had. He was absolutely mesmerized. We could have sat at each exhibit forever letting him watch the creatures and fish swim around.

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the best aquariums I’ve ever visited, and my family has been to some all across the country and even in Canada. They do such a great job at really capturing every audience and have such a beautiful space. You could spend anywhere from two hours to an entire day soaking it all in.

After looking at our pictures, I realized that I’m “that mom” who points at everything (insert monkey emoji with hands over its face). Oh well. I loved every minute and could have sat there staring as long as the boys would have let me. The ironic thing is that I am only in love with it on the other side of the glass. If you would have asked me to get in the water with the animals and fish, I might have had a meltdown. There is something about looking at the ocean in its vastness that overwhelms me.

Georgia Aquarium WEB 4_7411 Georgia Aquarium WEB 6_7414 Georgia Aquarium WEB 7_7420 Georgia Aquarium WEB 8_7423 Georgia Aquarium WEB 15_7437 Georgia Aquarium WEB 18_7462 Georgia Aquarium WEB 19_7464 Georgia Aquarium WEB 25_7491 Georgia Aquarium WEB 27_7496 Georgia Aquarium WEB 29_7502 Georgia Aquarium WEB 31_7504 Georgia Aquarium WEB 35_7516

The otters and penguins are some of my favorites. They got so close to the glass and kept doing tricks for us.

Georgia Aquarium WEB 36_7534 Georgia Aquarium WEB 38_7575 Georgia Aquarium WEB 40_7590 Georgia Aquarium WEB 43_7611 Georgia Aquarium WEB 45_7619 Georgia Aquarium WEB 46_7626 Georgia Aquarium WEB 49_7649

I about died in the pictures below. We were just sitting there looking at the fish and he pulled himself up into my arms and wrapped his little hands around me and just looked up at the giant glass wall between us and the fish. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Georgia Aquarium WEB 52_7663 Georgia Aquarium WEB 54_7671 Georgia Aquarium WEB 56_7673 Georgia Aquarium WEB 57_7679

Ian and I previously visited the Georgia Aquarium for an event earlier this year. We may look into getting season passes when Cove gets older. If you have never been, I highly suggest going Monday through Thursday either right when it opens or just a few hours before closing. With the CityPASS, you get access to all of the shows including the Dolphins and Sea Lions, but showtimes fill up fast, so it’s important to get there thirty minutes before they start (or even earlier, if it’s busy).

*Thanks to CityPASS for the great passes.

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