On the last day of our staycation we headed to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. It is such a beautiful gem in Atlanta. When you walk in the museums great hall, you are surrounded by a recreation of the world’s largest dinosaurs which is stunning. The rest of the museum has a variation of different exhibits as well as a permanent exhibit on  Georgia’s History. One of the main attractions is the museums IMAX theatre, where it shows a variation of films on the planet and its beauty.

Since Cove isn’t really old enough to interact with a lot of the exhibits, it was mostly for Ian and I, but we had great time looking through everything together and probably laughing more than we should in a museum. There were so many experiments that I am sure are meant for kids, but we were playing with them and cracking ourselves up. It’s a good thing there were not too many people there to embarrass ourselves in front of.

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I told Ian the Fernbank would be a really great date spot, they even have Martinis and IMAX if you’re looking for something after hours, or just a really great place to spend the day with your family when it’s ridiculously hot outside (like now!).

*Thanks again to CityPASS for the great passes.

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