Now that the temps are warming up and the sun is setting later, Ian and I decided we wanted to spruce up our patio below the deck. Although we love the view of the sunset from the top of our deck, its full sun and pretty open. We thought having something below would be a little cozier and we could create a shaded place to eat a meal together. Cove also loves being outside, so this has been our little getaway when he gets fussy too.

With the help of At Home, and a few things we had around the house, we worked to make the space feel more relaxed and our little sanctuary. My love for bohemian things and neutrals came out again. (You can see some of the details from our bohemian bash here.) I wanted the space to feel earthy and eclectic. We used one of the tables that Ian had built for the boho bash, and added taller legs. Ian then built some simple modern benches from old wood we found and I painted the legs of everything white to make the table look more cohesive and brighten it up a bit. We strung outdoor lights criss crossed across the bottom of the deck to give it softer light. I found the light pendent (was just a basket) at a local thrift store and Ian made it into a light fixture for me. He ran a simple pendent light through it with some rope. At Home helped pull the space together with this gorgeous aztec rug, a little side modern metal table and a few planters to give the space some greenery.

Patio WEB 14_2711
Patio WEB 16_2716
Patio WEB 17_2717

Patio WEB 18_2719
Patio WEB 20_2725
Patio WEB 21_2726
Patio WEB 23_2729
Patio WEB 27_2749
Patio WEB 29_2763
Patio WEB 31_2771
Patio WEB 32_2781
Patio WEB 45_2877
Patio WEB 46_2879
Patio WEB 48_2885

There’s are a few important things to remember when creating an outdoor living area:

Texture. Layering a space makes it feel more like inside the home instead of just water proof furniture outside. Here are a few ways we added texture:

  1. Rugs make a huge statement and warm a space up.
  2. Mixing wood and metal. Try to change the texture of your furniture. It can add depth and make your space unique.
  3. Adding baskets. In my case, I added them to the walls to mix things up and layer.

Lighting. Lighting creates ambiance which can make the difference between cozy and starchy. Soft string lights and low hanging lights can add a bit of ‘twinkle’ without overpowering or diminishing the sunset.

Lots of plants. I don’t think you can ever have too many plants, but Ian does call me a crazy plant lady now. Make sure to mix heights and styles to layer and add dimension to the space. Pots can be great decor. I love to mix really simple clay pots with ornate or modern pots.

Patio WEB 4_2674
Patio WEB 9_2681
Patio WEB 12_2689

Table and benches: Ian built
Rug: At Home
White Round Metal Table: At Home
String Lights: Target
Tall black pot: At Home – In store
Small black and white pots: At Home – In Store
Large distressed pot: At Home – In Store
Wall Baskets: Thrifted/Antique Store
Light Basket + Pendent: Thrifted/DIY & Amazon


*Thank you to At Home for sponsoring this post and helping us create our little outdoor sanctuary.

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