I am truly not a great baker. I love the idea of baking, but I am a much better cook than baker. But, baking with other people is so much fun. Cove has finally gotten to the age where he loves to help in the kitchen. He usually is more helpful when it comes to helping us load and unload the dishwasher and organizing the Tupperware, hah.

If I am making something and have some extra time, I try to include him as much as possible. I think it’s so important for all kids to learn how to work and cook simple things in the kitchen as they grow. After all, the point is to train them so they can do that one day in their own homes right?

This past weekend, we decided to whip up some lemon butter cookies for our church’s cookout. I thought it would be fun to do it together as a family. I am normally a chocolate chip cookie girl through and through, but I really wanted to try out these new OXO Cooki Press and Autumn Disk Set we got, and I wasn’t sure how the chocolate chips would work in it.

The lemon was perfect for summer and we had so much fun mixing it all together and creating fun little patterns. Cove was pretty obsessed with the OXO Silicone Cookie Spatula and OXO None-Stick Pro Cookie Sheet and wanted to scoop up the cookies before they were even baked yet… It made for a fun afternoon, and we had about 6 dozen cookies when it was all said and done.

I used this recipe from Simply Whisked, and instead of rolling them into balls, I just put the batter in the cookie press and made some fun patterns. I also didn’t let them cook as long because they were small and thin.

Now that we had so much fun with the cookies, I can’t wait to make all things Fall in our kitchen! Who else is ready for apples, cinnamon, and pumpkins? If you have some favorite fall recipes, be sure to send them this way!

PS- You can find my sweater here.

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