I am finally wrapping up our Canada travels with you all! It’s only taken me an entire month since we’ve been home. Banff was one of those places I could go back to over and over again and still be in awe. Every single place you go there is so much beauty. I would love to see and experience it all in every season. You may have checked in on some of our past Canada travel posts Victoria – Whistler, Whistler – Revelstoke, and Johnston Canyo – Canmore, and saw that Canada had an abnormally cold winter this past year.

I feel a little ridiculous there are so many posts on Canada, but it was just one of those places you couldn’t fit everything into one. Normally, most of the lakes would have been completely thawed by the end of May, but this year they were still partially frozen. Since we had already seen Lake Louise during the complete white out snow storm, we decided to see some other things in Banff first and then come back.

I highly recommend going to the Fairmont Banff Springs. You can stay, shop, eat and get some gorgeous views of the mountains from the hotel. They don’t call it the castle in the rockies for no reason. It is one of the most gorgeous hotels, surrounded by the mountains with beautiful historic architecture and lots to do.

After visiting for a while, we headed to downtown Banff to walk around and grab something to eat. Our favorite restaurant we ate at was called Bison, although the majority of places we ate we really enjoyed. My mom, sister and I were freaking out when we found a Second Cup coffee shop. We used to drink it all the time when we visited Toronto. They have one of my favorite lattes of all time, so we went there multiple times, ha.

After spending some time downtown, we took the road around Two Jack Lakes and Spray Lakes. It was a stunning drive. The lakes didn’t have snow on them at the time. They are much larger, but no less beautiful. They were less touristy too, which was an added bonus and partially why we enjoyed them so much. Two Jack was my favorite of the two. It was clear with a bright blue hue to it. Cove had a hay day throwing rocks into the water and chasing ducks.

We visited the Banff Hot Springs after a long day of hiking and my first time experiencing a hot spring. This particular one was safe for babies, so Cove was able to come in for a little bit. It was a little more crowded than I would have preferred, but after about ten minutes of being in the water I was much more relaxed about the situation, haha. I would definitely do it again in the early morning or later in the day. Ian’s on the hunt for natural hot springs everywhere we go now.

Towards the end of our stay in Banff, we decided to go back to Lake Louise to see more of the lake as the ice melted. Then we drove up to Moraine Lake, which was my favorite view of the entire trip. The Valley of the Ten Peaks is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The majesty and splendor of Christ in creation just took my breath away and I didn’t want to leave. We even got to experience a few small avalanches in the distance while we were there. In fact, you can see us wearing two different outfits in the pictures at the same place because we went back three times to the same place I loved it that much. The last time we decided to bring our picnic food with us and just sit and eat there, staring at all the beauty.

We have already decided we will be traveling back to Canada one day. Especially when Cove is older and can really explore and enjoy all the wildlife we saw. I hope you enjoyed this very long photo dump and short recap of our time there. Thanks for following along! Have a great weekend!

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