I am a big fan of sleep. Unlike most people my age, I can’t sleep for five hours and be okay. I need a good 8 hours + of sleep every night or the next day I feel useless. (Newborn stage, I was a walking ZOMBIE) I typically go to bed around ten every night and am up at seven every morning. As a lover of sleep, you can only imagine I am a also a fan of good bedding. We have layers upon layers of down, memory foam, gel and high thread counts. I know I may sound a little ridiculous, but you spend almost half your life in a bed… I think it should be comfortable.

I had heard about Slip Silk Pillowcases a while ago, but never made the plunge to purchase them. We recently received two King Size covers for our pillows and Ian and I have both been converted. Ian’s favorite thing about them is the fact they are incredibly soft and stay cool all night, and I am a huge fan of how they help with anti-aging and decrease your bed head. Even the highest thread count of cotton absorbs moisture leaving your face and hair dry.  Cotton also pulls on your skin and hair which can cause breakage and wrinkles. Ever woken up with a pillow crease? Even though it goes away throughout the day, there are quite a bit of long-term damages. High quality silk just slides, breathes and is all natural. That means hypoallergenic and no dust mites. You can read more about all the benefits here.

Also, I’d like to point out the reality of these pictures. Our bed is rarely, if ever made. And secondly, Cove was being super cute and cuddly and then all of a sudden head butted me and started wrestling. It’s the life of a boy mom and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just thought I would keep it real with you guys.

You can shop the pillow cases below. Hope you have a great Wednesday!

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