A lot of people have a love/hate relationship with their phones. To be honest, I’m part of that group. I have never wanted to be the person who is recognized for having their phone on them all the time. But, my phone is what keep me connected, helps me work on the go and is what I use to capture some of the special and fleeting moments in between – like when Cove took his first steps or when we’re having a bad day and need some music to cheer us up. After listening to this talk from Simon SinekI decided I wanted to make some changes with being intentional with my phone. Things like charging it outside my bedroom, leaving it in my purse when I am out with friends or family instead of having it out on the table and only using the internet or social media at certain times of the day to prevent me from wasting time and life. These things don’t mean I’m going to bury or throw away my phone, it just means that I am being intentional about how I use it.

When Swedish company CaseApp reached out to me about trying some of their custom cases, I was thrilled. I love having photographs of some of my favorite memories on display and I decided to have the below picture of Cove and I put on my iPhone case. It’s from our Beaches with Special Names where we visited Victoria Beach and Crystal Cove. When my new case came in the mail, it immediately took me back to that day the three of us explored and sat in the sand together. As part of my effort to become more intentional with my cell phone, I am leaving it face down when I am with Ian and Cove. Yes, I might pick it up to take a quick picture or play music, but it will be face down as a reminder that I want to be present everyday as I was that day with my boys, just absorbing the beauty of creation and life itself.

CaseApp makes beautiful and easily customizable cases. Embarrassingly enough, I have already dropped my phone out of my bag a few times and CaseApp has kept me from that moment of terror when you first see your shattered screen. They are offering a special discount to TST readers until January 14th. Get 20% off your custom iPhone case or laptop skin with the code: SOUTHERNTRUNK20

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