I know I still have 18 weeks to go, but I just cannot wait to meet this little babe. The kicks have gotten so much stronger over the past two weeks. Ian got to feel him for the first time too. It was the most amazing thing to experience together. Although I am not sick, the little man must have had a growth spurt, because I am so exhausted lately. Like Netflix binge watching, just enough energy to drive home from work and eat a bowl of cereal exhausted. Everyone tells me to soak it up and rest now before he gets here.

This weekend I traded in my sweats and got dressed up for my first baby shower that my sweet sister and mom hosted for me. My sister is going to be gone for the next three months, so she wanted to celebrate before Cove got here. After the shower, Ian and I went on a date. Over the past few weeks, Ian and I have made a big effort to to spend extra time with each other. Date nights. Movie time. Friday nights in together. Anything and everything we possibly can do together in the last few months while it’s just us. It has been so much fun to plan and just soak up the time together.













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