If you have been following along here for a while you may have seen Part I and Part II of our Canada travels. It’s hard to say that any part of the trip was my favorite, because it was all amazing, but Canmore was extra special to us. We were there for about five nights and it was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever stayed in. Much quieter than Banff and it felt like we were able to see more of where the locals would go or live and much less touristy. We ate at the same bagel place almost every morning, Rocky Mountain Bagel Company, which had a Friends tv show feel, with amazing bagels and the coziest little fire place.

Our condo was right off the main strip downtown so we could walk to everything. There were cute restaurants and an ice cream school bus food truck. I mean, that in itself is pretty darn amazing. There was a little board walk along the river where Ian and I walked down with our ice cream cones one night, watching the sun set over the Three Sisters Mountain Peaks. I think I may have left a little piece of my heart there and we’ll definitely have to go back to visit.

While we stayed in Canmore, we drove around to some of the lakes near Hi Lang Peak. Grassi Lake, Quarry Lake and Whitemans Pond were all stunning, with gorgeous views of the mountains. You had to drive up a gravel road on the side of a cliff to get to them, and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to make it to the top, but we did and I am so glad. We even saw a bunch of longhorn sheep on the way. After wandering around there for a bit, we headed to Vermillion Lakes. They were so still and gave off incredible reflections of the mountains around it. It was the perfect place to hang out while Cove napped too.

One of our last days, we drove up to Johnston Canyon. We were planning on only walking the half mile to the view of the water fall from below. After we got started, Cove got pretty sleepy and ended up falling asleep on Ian’s shoulder. It was the sweetest thing seeing him all curled up with the water rushing by. Ian ended up carrying him a total of three miles to the waterfall and back. DAD of the YEAR! Ian’s back was killing him since we forgot to bring a wrap or pack to carry Cove with, but he never complained once. He just smiled knowing it was one of those things we will always have a special memory of.

While Cove was sleeping, my dad and I also hiked down some steep cliffs to get a view of the canyon below. I was pretty nervous climbing down, but got a bit of an adrenaline rush and just went for it. When we both got to the bottom it was this incredible view with the sun peaking through the mist. Plus, I loved getting to experience it with my Dad, just the two of us. Seriously, so many great memories at that canyon. I will remember it forever.

I’m hoping to wrap up Canada travels with Banff soon, so until then, I hope you guys have a great week!

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