Ian is usually a pretty easy guy to buy for. He has a wishlist he adds things to every time he sees something he likes. Every now and then, I love to surprise him with something different and more personal.

Until Cove gets old enough to pick out his own gifts for us, Ian and I help him a bit. I went for printed photography because Ian loves to take pictures of our family and always says that it’s his version of a journal to keep track of the good and bad days. We may not post them all on the blog, but we capture a lot, even the really hard moments when Cove’s throwing a fit or we’re in our lounge clothes just hanging around the house. I received about 50 square prints for Ian to refill his wood block frames with, a gorgeous glass print from his favorite trip with Cove to California at sunset and a large engineered print of sunset at Aliso Beach for our kitchen to go above the table he’s building me for Mother’s Day. I got all of it from Parabo Press. They have a huge selection of beautiful and unique options for you to print your images and they come with beautiful branding and packaging. The glass prints are so unique and really give your images this kind of glow to them. 

And lucky for you guys, they are giving a set of prints PLUS free shipping to each one of my TST readers. Use the code: VICSQ

You could use them on dad and get a few things for yourself as well. I’m a huge fan of square prints and how versatile they are for gift giving and to put anywhere.

I feel like photography gifts last a lifetime. It’s something for you and dad to look back on and remember fond moments and memories that you shared together.

I decided to let Cove share a few things with him early and you can see how proud he was to show his Dad all the images of them together. He kept pointing to each picture pointing out the people and places he recognized. It was so special. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the beautiful prints! 

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