You may be able to tell from the photos above that our house is pretty out of sorts. There is stuff on the counter. The pillows are un-fluffed. We are in casual attire. But that’s okay. I’m really working hard to make this space beautiful but authentic too. And sometimes our life just isn’t all that glamorous. It’s perfect in its own way to me. I kind of love that everyday feeling where stuff is lying around that we’re using, blankets out of sort on the couch and half drunk coffee cups. The house just feels lived in.

Just like I love a pair of lived-in jeans or a well-worn tee, I love the kind of jewelry you can wear every day. I’ve always been a fan of dainty pieces. I usually wear some sort of dainty necklace every single day plus an assortment of stacking rings. I will often layer them even more based on the kind of top I am wearing. I think what I love most about dainty jewelry is that it usually is personalized or has some meaning to me. I have a gold moon from Ian for our Anniversary, a small jade stone from our first baby that we lost, and a few other pieces that have names and initials on them. One of my favorite places for personalized jewelry is Layered and Long/GLDN. They make some absolutely gorgeous pieces and each piece is very well made. I recently got this double chain choker and dainty heart necklace from them as well as a gorgeous ring with the roman numerals of our wedding date. You can see it better in this post. Cove loves the little heart and always points to it when I am wearing it. (Which I don’t actually know if I’ve taken it off in the past three weeks. I love it so much) He’s learning shapes and knows where his heart is, so it’s been so fun to see him light up when he points to my heart. You can find more of their gorgeous and personalized pieces here.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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