Welp, it officially happened. Cove is in his big boy bed. The transition from crib to toddler bed went so well that we thought, why not?! Until I saw it all in his room and realized my baby wasn’t a baby anymore…

Tomorrow gifted us a beautiful full-size mattress and bedding to go with his full-size metal bed we purchased him, so it really made everything a little easier. I have to say, the memory form hybrid mattress is incredibly comfortable. Even Ian and I enjoy laying on it and Cove is absolutely in love with it. He actually asks to go to bed and loves to have all of his stuffed animals up there with him. We have read countless books and snuggling is so much easier than before.

My heart is really having to pull it together with all the big steps and transitions we have been making as a family lately, but it’s good to adapt to change and remember each stage is sweet. That’s why it’s so important to live intentionally every single minute you have with your family. Right now, I’m trying to soak up the fact he wants me to come lay there with him reading books, play stuffed animals and dance to Christmas music, even if we’re not supposed to jump on the bed…

Another thing I was really excited about, was how little we had to do to change his room to make it a “big boy” one. When I decorated the nursery, I didn’t want it to look like a baby room, and more of a fun but relaxing place to rest. So we had adult colors, stayed away from baby themes and used pieces I knew he would grow into. The iron bed really fit’s more perfect than I had imagined, and I found some great accent pieces to bring out the blue, beachy hues we have in their currently. I am linking everything below, but let me know if you have any questions about anything specifically.

For those of you looking for new bedding or a mattress, you can get $150 off of $500 or more on Tomorrow’s website using the code TRUNK150 (expires 12/31/17).


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