I’ve used lotion daily, usually morning and night, since I was in high school. I’ve always heard it helps keep your skin glowing and healthier, and figured the younger I started, the better off I would be.

It’s been really funny to see how intensely Cove watches every move I make and how much he mimics. When I get ready in the morning, he wants to do everything I do – from brushing his teeth to combing his hair and putting on lotion just like me. In fact, he likes to put on lotion so much, we have to limit him or else he would be a greasy mess all day, hah. I hope he always wants great hygiene like he does now.

Since Cove was a baby, we have been using Mustela for his sensitive skin. You can read more about it here where I share about the liquid gold that got me and three of my friends through pregnancy with zero stretch marks. You can bet that I am using it with this pregnancy as well and I’ve added some of their new and improved maternity products to my regime. I’ll link them all for you below.

The cream has always been my go-to, but I love the oil at night and bust cream too. They added their special patented avocado serum to it, just like they did with their baby line, and I have been extremely pleased so far.

I mentioned before that Cove has been pretty uninterested in costumes, but really loves the idea of “trick-or-treating.” We finally came up with a fun family costume we think he will wear (you will have to stay tuned to see it) and he seems pretty excited about.

Since the weather is becoming harsher and colder at night, we are working on “dressing up our skin” like we dress up for Halloween with products that will protect for hours on those cold nights when we are outside and we want to help you do that too!

We are partnering with Mustela to give away $100 worth of their products to protect your skin. Head over to my Instagram for a simple entry.

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