When I was little, we celebrated a lot of holidays away from home. Not visiting extended family, but instead, just quality time with my parents and sister, experiencing new places. I loved that my parents did that with us, and it is sort of what led us to have Cracker Barrel on Thanksgiving instead of cooking.

A few times over the years, we’ve visited Asheville, North Carolina and would do Christmas Tours of the Biltmore House. One of the things my sister and I loved was in the basement of the house where the kitchen was, there were huge decorated gingerbread houses. We would google over them, and when we got older, my sister always wanted to decorate them at home.

This year, since Cove is a little older, I thought it would be fun to have my sister come decorate one with him. We partnered with The Atkinson Candy Co., who sent us some yummy treats to get our gingerbread house started. I have to say, it was a great deal harder because we’ve always bought pre-made houses, so getting ours to stand took some time, but once we got it up, we let Cove help us decorate.

I kept thinking, I wish there was gingerbread house insurance because we could not get it to stand straight. Luckily, after the icing dried it held up pretty well. I can’t say it’s the most beautiful of gingerbread houses, but we had a good time making it all together, listening to Christmas music and eating little treats along the way.

Atkinson Candy Company is having a fun contest on their site where you can upload pictures of your gingerbread house for a chance to win Atkinson’s Big Box of Happiness, which I am sure hold’s something delightful! You can see more here and vote for our eclectic house here.

AND as a fun treat – Atkinson is giving 20% off Southern Trunk readers entire purchase. Just use the code  “SOUTHERNTRUNK” from now until Friday, December 22.

Can’t wait to see all your fun designs! Have a wonderful and sweet day! xx


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