Easter weekend was about one of the most fun holidays we’ve had since Cove was born. He is getting to a really fun stage as he is learning new ideas and concepts. Things were on steroids a little bit considering there were a total of three egg hunts, but we had a great time celebrating with our church and both sides of our family. We also discovered that his love for crackers and dark chocolate runs deeps. There were some hiding in his eggs instead of candy, and he would stop hunting eggs so he could eat could just sit down and eat. It was pretty adorable.

We went pretty simple as far as his Easter basket goes. I went back and forth because I really love to spoil him, but I also don’t want holidays to be about getting a bunch of stuff. We got ended up getting practical items like some shorts for summer and chalk and bubbles for playing outside and then one or two toys. As he grows older, I would love to implement some concepts about how God is the greatest gift and that Christmas and Easter aren’t about presents. A friend from church puts rocks in her kids Easter basket Friday night and they talk about Good Friday and how each rock symbolizes our sins and then they cover it with a red cloth for Jesus’ sacrifice and then on Easter Jesus replaces those ‘sins’ with good things. We may try that next year because I really love teaching Cove life principles and the why we are celebrating instead of just buying him gifts.Overall, this weekend was such a blessing. I can’t wait to share the good news and gospel with Cove as he continues to grow and understand more about grace. I hope you all had a wonderful time as well.

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