Besides the 90’s, this outfit reminds me of the eclipse for some reason so I saved it for today. This silk dress from Two Feathers is so easy to style. I dressed it down here with a t-shirt and my old skool vans, but I plan on wearing it with some strappy heels and a leather or suede moto jacket for date night.

As you can probably tell, I am a huge fan of 90’s trends right now. We are currently re-watching Friends at night while we work out and I have noticed so many trends that have circled back already.

What are your plans for watching the eclipse? I have been so freaked out about going blind that I was nervous to even watch it. We got some glasses and just plan on watching it from home, but I may not watch for long because I am that scared.

To be honest, I think what I am most excited about is the Midnight Eclipse Doughnut from Krispy Kreme… I know this may be a shocker, but I actually do not like doughnuts. The only doughnuts I like are the original Krispy Kremes when the hot sign is on. I’ve always thought they would be amazing with chocolate though, so this is like a dream come true, haha!

Speaking of doughnuts, I know we are behind, but we are going to be doing Whole 30 next month. If you’ve tried it, I would love to hear what your favorite recipes and tips for meal planning is. I’ve been pinning like crazy so hopefully, we’ll do a big grocery store run and then get to it! Wish me luck!

I hope yall have a great week and enjoy watching the eclipse!

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