I am on my feet all day long. And although I love my sneakers, there is something about a cute outfit that can make the day feel better (or at least make you feel more confident than your yoga pants). With a little one, I like to make sure that my outfit is as practical as it is cute. That means dark colors, usually black. Madewell’s whisper tees are a staple and have a loose comfortable fit that goes with so many different styles of pants. One of my favorite ways to style it is with my favorite high waisted jeans. Top that off with the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, next to Nike Flyknits. These Rothy’s flats are seamless and perfectly stretchy with great support making them perfect for women on the go. If you travel frequently, then these are a must for your wardrobe.

I am a sucker for adorable branding too, and they wowed me when I received the package in the mail. The flats are made with three discarded plastic bottles and are treated with wicking that prevent moisture from getting to your feet. You can even wash them in your washing machine, and at the end of your shoes life, you can recycle them. How cool is that?

Be sure to check them out on Instagram for lots of happy feet.

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*Thank you to Rothy’s for the great flats.

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