This past weekend we went on a little impromptu family date night to the Fair here in North Georgia. I wasn’t sure if Cove would like it or not, but Ian and I hadn’t been in years and the funnel cakes were calling our name.

We had such a blast! Cove found this fun, huge organ that played carnival-like music and we ate in front of it while he danced around. We got up and danced with him like crazy people. He would stop long enough to eat a bite and then keep dancing.

The fair was a lot bigger than we remembered, and there was a lot to do besides rides. There was a relatively large petting zoo and even an exotic animal exhibit with camels and a giraffe. Fresh squeezed lemonade, funnel cakes, corn dogs and all the rest of the fair food left us with our bellies full and happy. It was a great memory for sure. We will definitely be going back when Cove is tall enough to ride more of the rides.

Fall & Winter are typically crazy times for our family every year, and with basement renovations happening now, we definitely have little free time right now, but we have been making a big effort to plan more intentional time together as a family. This bucket list kind of gives you an idea of what some of our plans are, but we figured coming up with a fun list would help us be more intentional with that time and actually do fun things.

A couple of you mentioned the above skirt on Instagram. I love it and it’s so comfortable – even a bit stretchy around the waste. YOU CAN GET IT HERE. I paired it with a tee I got from Zara a few years ago and my go-to, old skool vans.

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