I know I am generally a sappy person, but kids will do that to you. I find myself going through pictures while Cove is asleep wandering how time slipped by us so quickly. Now that it’s summer, I honestly feel like he and I have grown even closer. It might sound silly because we’ve been together since he was in my womb, but we’ve connected and laughed together, cried together and he’s so much more cognitive. It hasn’t come without its challenges though…

We’ve experienced the terrible twos so much earlier than I anticipated. I guess that’s the thing about parenting – once you think you’ve got one thing figured out, you get thrown a curve ball and you’re learning how to deal with something new. I’ve really been trying to write down quick notes on my phone of things going on, happy or sad, that I want to remember. I may start a little series on here like Thoughts On Things. We’ll see… But for now, here are 10 things I want to forever keep and remember.

  1. Every morning after Cove get’s up, I bring him downstairs and he runs to his dad and wraps his arms around him. Ian gives him his bottle and he and I will lay on the couch while he drinks it. (My child rarely, if ever, sits still so this is a special time for us.)
  2. Drinking hot tea with Ian every night after Cove goes to bed. We’re old farts and we love it.
  3. The few and sweet words Cove says now. Hot, Chuck, Dog, Ninion (Minion), Rocks and Gigi (Geeg for short usually).
  4. Dancing around in the backyard with the watering hose and kiddie pool, fighting to see who can get who the most wet.
  5. Throwing rocks in the water. ALL. THE. TIME. ALL THE ROCKS.
  6. Going to the splash pad multiple times a week and thinking how I never thought I would ever enjoy a splash pad until now.
  7. Making myself a latte during nap time and avoiding all my chores while I sit in the spare bedroom and read.
  8. Loving date nights with Ian even more in the summer because it means we can sit on the patio every place we go.
  9. Cove having a hard time going to sleep at naps and bedtime, which means we get those sweet naps where he lays on one of us for a good hour curled up.
  10. Having Cove sing along to music in the back seat making up his own words.

I recently received the Promptly journal and I have been so excited to add all our pictures and memories to it. I think my favorite part is that it goes to 18 years old. I started my own baby book for Cove, but found it hard to keep track of things or would forget specific experiences I probably should have wrote down. This journal is so good at asking you specific questions and details so you won’t forget. I have a lot of catching up to do, but Cove loved participating. He kept pointing to his baby pictures and laughing. I am also slightly obsessed with their adoption journals too. I have a great deal of close friends who have adopted or have the desire to in the future, and I love that it lays out important things for you to write down for those children no matter what age you were able to adopt them out. You can check out the journals here.

I hope you all have a great Monday!

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