I think if I could, I would have my whole home be one giant gallery wall full of all the photos, posters and art we love. EVERYWHERE. But in all seriousness, I do love to grace our home with those golden memories that you want to remember forever. When I came across Framebridge, I was so impressed with the company and all of it’s services. You can frame your Instagram photos in a wide array of gorgeous frames, send in/upload your images or posters to be put in frames, or you can have one of their designers pick out a frame for your piece or create a gallery wall for you. It’s genius. It’s beautiful quality without all the headache.

I love the new Carson Gold frame we just got with our most recent family photo. We just got back from California and where we took Cove to Crystal Cove State Park for the first time after talking about it for over a year, and the sunset was gorgeous. Our friends snapped this one of us, and I will remember this moment forever. As a gift to you, Framebridge is offering 15% off your first order as a Southern Trunk reader. Just use the code: SOUTHTRUNKFRAME15.

frame-bridge-1_9170 frame-bridge-3_9172 frame-bridge-5_9174 frame-bridge-7_9178 frame-bridge-8_9180 frame-bridge-9_9181    frame-bridge-19_9192

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