It’s been freezing here the past two weeks so we are definitely having an actual winter here in Georgia, unlike years past. Just like most people, the cold weather makes me want to curl up in my pajamas and not do a single thing. I try really hard to stay motivated, because in the winter, it’s just so hard, ha.

I recently received this sherpa jacket and it has been perfect for when we actually go out and brave the bitter cold. It is oversized, hooded and makes me feel like I am wearing a blanket. When Ian and I first started dating, he bought me this HUGE sherpa blanket and I seriously would cocoon myself inside of it for hours while we watched movies. I think this reminds me of it so much, and that’s why I love it. It’s a great price compared to some of the other sherpa jackets I’ve seen out there this winter, so it won’t break the bank.

In other random thoughts…

  1. I have been considering getting a kindle and wanted to know how many of you have one and whether you like them or not? Ian has one that he uses for fiction books, but I have always just bought hard copies of things I wanted to read. I have been trying to watch less tv and read or listen to more podcasts this year, so I feel like having an item that is solely meant for reading would keep me from getting distracted. PLUS, I am already planning for those late night feedings and thought it may be convenient.
  2. This past week we took our dog Chuck to the groomer. It had been a while, and Cove was super excited about him getting a haircut. The sad thing was when we dropped chuck off, Cove started bawling his eyes out because he thought we were leaving him there for good and that they were going to hurt him. It was so sad, but sweet at the same time. I often have a hard time with Chuck because he can be a lot of extra work with a kid and our lives, but it reminded me how good he is for our family and how important it is for our kids to learn to take care of and love an animal.
  3. Have you ever gotten tired of eating out? We have been cooking and trying to be healthy for the past year, but over the holidays we ate out so much that we started craving home-cooked meals. It’s crazy how that has never happened to us before until we started learning to cook better and healthier. I kind of love it though. We grilled steaks for Ian’s birthday dinner and I made creamy, loaded mashed potatoes and braised Brussel sprouts. It was just as good, if not better, than our steakhouse dinner a week later. You might think I am crazy, but I guess your body adjusts to certain habits.
  4. We are less than 11 weeks away from becoming a family of four! I am so excited but soooo nervous! For those of you with two, how did you prep your older child for the new baby’s arrival?
  5. I really pride myself on multi-tasking (I know that is sad), but I have always been good at balancing things. What I am not good at is single-tasking. I am really working super hard to just do one thing at a time, so it is done well. If that means I am cooking, then just be cooking. If I am eating, just be eating. Reading, cleaning, etc. I want to do just what I am immediately focused on well versus a bunch of other things just ok. It’s actually been really challenging. I don’t always think multi-tasking is a good thing, and it certainly doesn’t mean we are more productive. Plus, the more I practice single-tasking, the more I realize I need to leave my phone somewhere and that can be a great thing too!

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