I have been in crazy nesting mode lately. It is actually kind of crazy how much I have been nesting compared to when I was pregnant with Cove. We took down all of our holiday decor the day after Christmas, the toy room was redecorated (more to come soon) and all of the closets have been cleaned out and reorganized.  I am actually really proud of myself because sometimes I can be a pack rat, but I cleared out carloads of stuff!

Along with all the nesting, I got an early start on refreshing our bed linens too. January is the big month for White Sales and everyone stocks up on new bedding. We teamed up with Linens & Hutch to refresh both Cove’s Room and our Guest Bedroom where Ian’s office used to be. I was so excited when the linens came in the mail that I put them in the wash right away so we could put them on the beds. The material is super soft and cozy.

Three days after we had Cove, we put him in his crib. (He didn’t like the bassinet in our bedroom.) I was still healing and since our master is on the main, we moved upstairs for a few months so it would be easier to get him in the middle of the night. I know this could be a big possibility this round, so I told Ian I wanted to make sure that the guest bedroom was comfortable for us to both be in. We picked the striped duvet out, which is a great deal more neutral than the shabby chic ruffles we had before, and much softer. Ian was a fan of it too.

For Cove’s room, we picked out a darker grey duvet with shams. I had a solid white comforter in the bed previously, but I knew there was a huge possibility of it getting stained (especially with a boy), so I thought the darker would be much more practical and it still compliments the pillows and colors of his room. As a matter of fact, about a week after we put the white on there, he busted his tongue and we had to bleach blood out of it. I knew it wouldn’t be the last time, so the grey was a perfect option.

We, of course, had a lot of fun on the freshly made beds, because that’s what you do when you are a toddler. Pillow fights and throwing your stuffed animals around make changing the sheets so much more fun. It was so sweet because halfway through playing, he reached over at touched my belly and said his little brothers’ name. It was so sweet and made me so excited to have two little monkeys jumping and cuddling with me on the bed soon.

This fun cropped sweater is non-maternity and has been so great to throw over plain dresses and tanks to dress them up a bit. You can shop it here. The rest of the details from the room are linked below.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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