After a busy Saturday this past weekend, we put on our pajamas and decided to bake and decorate some gingerbread men together. Foodstirs had sent me this amazing kit with all organic and non GMO mixes. This helped me not feel quiet as guilty about indulging in all the deliciousness. Cove was definitely in the Christmas spirit. He was even pulling out the baking pans and giggled every time we turned on the KitchenAid Mixer.

I have never been a phenomenal baker. I like to cook because you can experiment and don’t always have to be precise. But baking is a whole different playing field and you have to be super exact with all your ingredients. It helped to have the instructions so straight forward and there not be so many ingredients to work with. They turned out super delicious (no thanks to me), and the organic vanilla icing was my favorite.

Decorating cookies is definitely a lot of fun as a family. I love to see personalities and creativity come out. These are the activities that make the holidays so much fun!

christmas-pajamas-and-foodstirs-2_1752 christmas-pajamas-and-foodstirs-22_1808 christmas-pajamas-and-foodstirs-29_1817 christmas-pajamas-and-foodstirs-31_1824 christmas-pajamas-and-foodstirs-32_1834 christmas-pajamas-and-foodstirs-33_1837 christmas-pajamas-and-foodstirs-36_1851 christmas-pajamas-and-foodstirs-37_1857 christmas-pajamas-and-foodstirs-38_1863 christmas-pajamas-and-foodstirs-41_1866 christmas-pajamas-and-foodstirs-42_1867 christmas-pajamas-and-foodstirs-44_1869 christmas-pajamas-and-foodstirs-48_1875 christmas-pajamas-and-foodstirs-50_1886

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