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Most people think I’m a rule follower, but at heart, I’m actually pretty wild. Ian and I have always said that we would make decisions based on our faith and what we believe is best for our family. Even if it doesn’t fit norms or flow with what/how we are supposed to do things. And most of the time, it’s difficult, but in the end, it’s completely worth it to stay true to what we believe. With that being said, my education has made it difficult in allowing me to be ‘free’ with The Southern Trunk.

If you are a marketer or blogger, you know what I mean. For this to be successful, we need to do things like posting a certain number of times a week, during peak times, using certain kinds of jargon, etc. This in turn has polluted the internet with thousands of ‘How to’ posts, crappy articles, and a whole lot of the same stuff just to make sure you are driving traffic to your site. We still believe a lot of this is important, but it’s somewhat ridiculous to me how much irrelevant content is being shared everyday. And confession, we are guilty with a lot of this. Don’t get me wrong, we believe in every post we make, but there have been times where we have been more focused on getting a post on the internet the next day, than the quality of it. So if there’s a lot going on one week, we might post 3 times, but that next week, we might not post anything.

As a marketing major it can be difficult for me to let some of these things go, but at the same time when I started this blog, I didn’t want to it be like any other blog. And yes I know, everybody who starts a blog says this.

So heres to getting rid of the filler crap and cheers to writing about things as we experience them, whenever they may happen. Sometimes it might be something really serious/meaningful to me, maybe something really silly, what I wore last weekend, or me and my friend Lily in the backyard with awesome big balloons. Regardless, I am no longer going to try to fit into some sort of blogging norm. I am very passionate about The Southern Trunk and sharing what’s on my mind and I want it to be just as free as me. But more importantly, we want this to add some type of value to people’s lives. We share because we feel led and want to use this as an avenue to take people through our journey and join others in theirs. It’s time to find the balance of a digital and analog life that Ian and I are always talking about, to really live life and share as we go through it, hoping it might encourage other people to share their stories, journeys and experiences with us and others. Because what we value the most out of this experience is learning about people and we hope this could one day be an avenue to share their stories.

Cheers to the future of The Southern Trunk, whatever that may be, and thanks to everybody who has taken this journey with us thus far! It’s only the beginning and we look forward to the future.

[cue the cheesy balloon picture again] The Southern Trunk - Victoria Schneider 10

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