When we started working on the nursery and finally moved the dresser in, I decided to go ahead and go through Cove’s old clothes so we could see what we needed for baby boy number two. One of the great things about having boys so close in age is HAND ME DOWNS! We are going to save so much money by not having to buy a whole new wardrobe for our second little man. Since they will be born in different seasons, some things aren’t going to work, but overall, we had a lot that we could save and use again.

Cove helped me go through three huge containers full of clothes and we separated keepsakes, things we can use again and things we need to pass on.  Once we had our piles, I organized the keepsakes and clothes we will be handing down to baby number two, and then bagged the rest to take Kid to Kid.

I had quite a few girl things I had saved along the way, even before we had Cove, that I decided to just pass along too. The process was so simple. I handed them the bags with our goods, Cove and I did a little shopping around the store ourselves, found some great used toys and a fun jacket for him, and then they gave us cash / store credit for the items they wanted to keep. I ended up with only two things left and just donated them on our way home.

The stores have so many options for all ages and even products like gently used toys, strollers and baby goods. It’s really such a smart thing to do since kids grow like weeds and only last in clothes for a season, maybe two if you’re lucky. Plus, I’ve always loved the thought of being a smarter consumer and helping make the world a better place one step at a time.

Kid to Kid has been around for over 25 years and they are having a big 25th Anniversary bash on November 15th! Each store will be celebrating with fun discounts, giveaways, etc. Check the website for the store nearest you. In honor of their special celebration, I am giving away a $50 gift card on Instagram next week so stay tuned!

What are some of the ways that you save on your kids clothing and their toys?

*This post was written after conversations with Kid to Kid.

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