We had to really stretch Halloween this year. Cove was really not interested in costumes, actually most of them he would melt in when I tried to put them on him. So I tried to come up with something he would love that required minimal costume and more of what he was comfortable in. He has always been a big fan of Dinosaurs and we play with them pretty frequently, so we went the Jurassic World theme and made him Owen Grady. I tried really hard to not be a pregnant Claire, but you can still see some bump showing haha. The wig didn’t last long. Partially because Cove hated it and said no every time he looked at me, and secondly because I was not gifted with skin complexion that compliments red tones, haha. It was fun though. Ian was Lowrey and I think he nailed it. I hope we can pull out some family costumes a few more years. I love having us all participate and I think Cove will appreciate it once he understands one day.

Last minute, I decided to dress up my little man/bump and used stuff I had around the house to make us a Kangaroo pair. I dressed up when I was pregnant with Cove, so I thought it would be fun to this year. Since Cove really didn’t like the wig for Claire, we went trick or treating as a Kangaroo and half of the Jurassic World team, ha.

This was Cove’s first year to trick-or-treat and it has been so much fun! He loved getting to pick out candy and loved eating it even more. It makes me excited for years to come when he starts digging costumes a little more.

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe, Halloween!

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