It took about 9-10 weeks for the news of our new arrival to sink in. Not because we weren’t excited, but I think we were just surprised and it felt a little surreal. We had our second appointment about a week ago and since the baby was hiding a bit, we couldn’t hear it’s heartbeat on the doppler. We got to have a little ultrasound and for some reason, in that moment, it all sunk in. I could see their little hands moving by their head and that heart beat we heard at our first appointment was still loud and clear. We also did some DNA testing to find out the sex. We’re hoping to get our results back this week (so no, this dress is no indication of what the gender is) and I am still in the dark as much as you guys are…

Since last week, my head has been in the clouds with all of it. Planning, dreaming and thinking about what it will be like to be a family of four. It’s made me so sentimental of the next seven-ish months I have with Cove. He has been asking us to sit down on the floor with him so much more and it makes me think about how important it is to be intentional and play with him because he notices when we’re not ‘present.’ Just when you think you’ve gotten into a routine and work/life balance, life changes things up on you! But I guess that’s a good way to never stay complacent and always be doing better.

Names have been a little more difficult this time. I think we will be able to narrow it down more once we find out the sex as opposed to last time when we knew right off the bat what Cove’s name would be. But I have already started cleaning out closets and reorganizing a bit upstairs as we have to clear an entire guest bedroom out. But I am always up for a little redecorating so it will be really fun once I get that second-trimester wave of energy, haha.

This dress is from Ivy City Co, and I absolutely love it. I almost didn’t wear it this past weekend because I was going to save it in case we were having another boy, but I couldn’t wait and wore it anyway. And how appropriate that it’s named ‘In the Clouds.’ They have so many cute new fall arrivals. I am so excited to pull out all my fall clothes and layer up. With the weather the past few weeks and the storms, I am hoping that chilly weather is here to stay.

I hope you all are having a great week! xx

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