I’ve written about traveling with a baby before, but feeding on the go is something I haven’t shared much about. Although we love to take lots of day trips and travel, it’s important to me that we don’t sacrifice our health. This is especially true for Cove. I’m not saying he doesn’t eat crackers and the occasional french fries, but I want to make sure he’s got a balanced diet and plenty of healthy foods.

Since having a baby, I always like to stay somewhere that has a kitchen. We bring our own snacks and some breakfast foods from home. Things like apples, bananas, Cheerios, and other things. Cove and Ian love Annie’s Organic graham and cheddar snacks as treats too (yes, Ian eats Cove’s snacks). If we don’t have a fridge, we will often use this organic whole milk that doesn’t need to be refrigerated (lifesaver when we fly). If we do have a fridge, then we’ll pick up cold whole milk, fresh veggies, and some yogurt. When we’re eating out, we’ll share meals often. This helps us justify treating ourselves to ice cream and other treats while we’re traveling.

I shared this on my Instagram stories a little while ago, but we came across this travel drying rack from b.box before our last trip and it proved to be extremely useful. In the past, we’ve brought bottles and had to hand dry them or lay out a bunch of paper towels to let them dry where we were staying. We also received this bowl with a straw that comes with a sealable lid and on the go snack lid, this toddler cutlery kit that comes with an on the go case perfect for diaper bags and this snack pack that also comes with a spoon that connects to the lid. Cove loves having bowls that are easy for him to carry and cutlery is the perfect shape and size for his hands.

I keep a little cooler in the back of the car so we can carry the refrigerated stuff. This works great if we’re going to be out for a few hours and know we’ll get the munchies. I’d love to hear if you have any great tips for feeding toddlers on the go or eating healthy while traveling.

Hope you all have a great day! xx

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