We’ve been in our house for almost five years, and we are still refining and making this place a home. Our style has been refined a lot over the course of our marriage, but the most important thing to us is that we incorporate pieces we love or that have meaning to us. We wanted to make sure that it was about more than trends, and that it really expressed our personalities. It was more important for us to have people walk in and feel at home.

Overall, I am really afraid of color, so we have a lot of neutrals and then incorporate bold pieces or items from family or trips. One of my favorite things about our home is all the natural light we have. I think I would have a whole wall of windows if that was an option.

Our living room and kitchen open up into each other and that is where we tend to spend the most time with each other. In the last year, we added hardwood floors throughout the entire downstairs which really helped things stay more cohesive. I also added two couches across from each other to make things more conversational.

Home Tour WEB 3_2069 Home Tour WEB 4_2070 Home Tour WEB 5_2103 One of my favorite things about our kitchen/dining area is that it has some really meaningful pieces in it. The hutch was one of the first pieces of furniture we had when we got married. Ian and I refinished it together and it was a weekend I will never forget. Ian also built the table and lighting treatment above the table.

We recently painted our cabinets to brighten up the kitchen and it really made a difference! They were a redish oak color before, so now everything is bright and white with a contrast on the counters.

Home Tour WEB 8_2111 Home Tour WEB 9_2113 Home Tour WEB 10_2115 Home Tour WEB 11_2121   Home Tour WEB 14_2130

Our dining room has some special pieces for us too. Ian gave me our dining room table as wedding present. It was made with reclaimed wood from the cape from Windsor Pine. They buffet was a gift to us from a family friend. It was an antique from Europe and has metal lining in the drawers. It is one of my favorite pieces in our home. The photos on the wall are from our first trip to Italy together.

Home Tour WEB 15_2135 Home Tour WEB 16_2136 Home Tour WEB 17_2139 Home Tour WEB 18_2142

Our bed was made from our good friends and is layered with quilts and white linen.


Home Tour WEB 20_2157 Home Tour WEB 21_2159

Home Tour WEB 24_2179 Cove’s nursery is one of the happiest room’s in our house. You can catch all the details about it here.

Coves-Room-50_3321 Coves-Room-52_3619 We have two more rooms upstairs, one of which is Ian’s office currently and then our little hallway nook is my little workspace. You can see more about the nook here. 

Office Space 12_4331 You can also see more of our little patio here. 

Patio WEB 21_2726

I am sure that things will continue to change over the years and we grow as a family, but I really hope it always feels as much like home as it does now.


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