I have to admit, we have been using Kroger ClickList way more than we actually go to the grocery store, but sometimes you just have to walk around Target. Am I Right? And we probably go to Costco about once every three weeks to get a lot of our bulk goods and almost all of our meat. So while the drive-thru grocery store concept is still my favorite, going to the grocery store is still inevitable. I thought I would share five tips for surviving the grocery store with minimal breakdowns.

*Also, I am going to point out, it doesn’t matter what you do, there are still going to be those days that the odds aren’t in your favor and you’re running down the aisle scrambling to get what you need before there are tears from both you and your kid. So please don’t think that me writing this post means we don’t have bad days and I don’t run into aisle caps racing around the store. (Yes, that really happened) 

  1. Park next to the carts. Although my mom always taught me the opposite, when I had a baby, I started parking next to the carts so that it was easy for us to get right out of the car and put Cove in one. When your child starts walking, there is nothing scarier than dodging cars and people texting and driving carts while you’re trying to get your little one to cross the street. And as a bonus, after you’ve loaded your car you can pop the cart in the aisle and then get you and your kid in the car quickly.
  2. Pack Snacks. One of my favorite times to go to the store is mid-morning. There aren’t many people there and it’s right around snack time. I pack a few healthy options and then Cove has something to do while we shop. I was so impressed when we went to Canada earlier this year because their SaveOns give away fresh fruit to kids while you shop. I mean, I know that kids probably love the free cookies from Publix more, but I think the fruit is a pretty awesome initiative.
  3. Come with a list. Long gone are the days where I wondered through each aisle trying to think of something yummy to eat for dinner each night. Now, whenever I go shopping I have a meal plan and a list. I’m even a nerd and try to do my list by categories so I don’t have to wander back to aisles I’ve already been on. This also helps you get through the store fast without having to think through as many options. Sometimes I bring an extra sheet of paper and crayon and let Cove “write” his own list while we shop.
  4. Use a cart cover. You might have noticed the cute black and white cart cover. We love our Covered Goods multi-use nursing cover. From the day we came home from the hospital until now (which he’s almost two) we have been using them for everything from a car seat cover to nursing cover to grocery cart cover. We used one on our infant car seat and it was perfect for cold and flu season because you could keep germs and hands away easier. And the cart cover is great at protecting you and your little one from germs too. Grocery carts are totally ick and who knows what’s been on them, so this is so perfect even for your toddler. You can find it here. I included this as helpful tips because there is nothing worse than looking over to compare products and then seeing your child with their mouth all over the cart or something like that, so this is peace of mind and you keep both of your hands from the grime.
  5. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to have fun! Remember when I said I ran into an aisle cap earlier? It was actually because I was trying to make things fun and was racing the cart around like a car making vroom-vroom sounds. It worked, but I did knock over a lot of mustard and ran into someone I knew after the crash. Things are going to happen, and you just have to give yourself grace. If your kid gets upset or you’ve run out of ways to distract them, just remember that most people aren’t looking at you with shame. And if they are, who cares. They were a kid once too. Come with back ups, extra toys and if your kid is old enough play games like “I Spy” or “Help me find…” Kids love to help and if you include them in what you’re doing they will have more fun than you think. (Note: In the last picture, Cove is reorganizing my credit cards. I took out the important ones and just let him play with the rest. He had so much fun with it)

Overall the important thing is to make the most of every moment with your kid. Even the not so glamorous moments like grocery shopping. If a kid can be entertained with an empty box or a stuffed animal, then they can definitely have fun at the store. Imagination is key and you get to help fuel that as a parent.

If you have any fun tips, I’d love to hear them! I hope you all have a wonderful day! xx

*This post was sponsored by etailz and Covered Goods. All opinions are my own. 

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