I wouldn’t say I am a “late” or “lazy” person, but having a kid has basically cut my “getting ready” time in half most days. Sometimes it feels like there is literally no time. Have you ever seen that meme “My kids look like baby gap models, but I look like a Walking Dead extra”? Yeah, I totally get that.

Over the past year, I’ve gotten better at learning to throw together looks and trying to stay polished even if that means I only got to see my self in the mirror for under five minutes. So I thought I’d share some tricks and tips for throwing a look together when you’ve got fifteen minutes to get out the door.


  • SKIN: I don’t wear foundation. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing it, I just never have, so I don’t worry about too much other than washing my face, moisturizing and putting a little bit of cream under my eyes. Having to apply face makeup and contouring is an art, but not for the fifteen minutes until your out the door kind, so save that for date nights and events. If I am looking extra tired, I’ll brush on some bronzer on my cheeks and T zone and call it a quits on my skin.
  • EYES: I probably spend the most time on my eyes, because honestly, I feel naked without it, so I do my eyebrows and mascara. If I have extra time to spare, I’ll add eyeliner and brush some powder on my eyes, but more than likely if I only have fifteen minutes, my brows and lashes are the only things getting attention.
  • LIPS: I apply my lipstick in the car, so I can’t say that this counts as getting ready, but having color on your lips almost always helps you pull a look together and will make your face feel more alive. Even if it’s a tinted balm.


Okay, say we’ve spent about 4-5 minutes on our face, now let’s see how fast we can accomplish taming the mane.

  • Dry shampoo always. I usually apply this to my roots even if my hair is clean because I like the tousled texture look it gives. Spray, shake, done.
  • Backcomb it with this teasing brush to give it some volume. If it was curled the day before, we’re good to go because a few brushes and we’re done. My curls never hold well, but loose waves are my favorite so second-day hair is the best.
  • If I washed it the night before, I take this tapered iron and will smooth out the kinks and round out the bed head the best I can.
  • If I’m really struggling, then it gets pulled back into a messy low bun with some pieces pulled out here and there.
  • And done. Let’s move onto the closet.


We don’t have any time to put an outfit together, so here is where you actually have to plan ahead for the late days. I try to have 3-4 outfits always in my mind where I can throw them on and know I’ll look pulled together. I’ll share a few examples with you…

  • Outfit 1 – Jeans, a button-down shirt and slides or booties: A button-down is guaranteed to make you feel more put together than you really are. It’s chic, but effortless, and dresses up your favorite pair of ripped jeans. Grab a pair of dressier, but still comfortable slides or booties, and you’re ready to get out the door.
  • Outfit 2 – Graphic / plain tee, kimono or cardigan, skinny jeans and flats: I know you are probably thinking graphic tee? But here is the catch, we’re going for effortlessly put together. The kimono or cardigan is key for making the t-shirt look more polished and when paired with sleek flats, you’ve mastered that Pinterest girl street style.
  • Outfit 3 – Dress and sandals or booties: Nothing is easier than picking out one article of clothing and shoes, so a dress is honestly one of the best ways to get ready fast and still look put together. Depending on the season, pair it with some platform sandals or some boots and you’re out the door probably with minutes to spare.

*The dress above is from Two Feathers and definitely made me feel more put together than I was feeling the morning we snapped these. Would you believe I got ready in fifteen minutes above?

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