It’s true. We are pretty messy. We have a baby, which is mess enough. Ian also jokes that I am the “messy” kind of cook and my response is always, “the tastiest meals always require messes.” But I’m also type A, so when I make a mess, I always have to clean up after.

Something my mom taught me at a young age is that you don’t make memories by keeping things together. You make them by jumping in rain puddles, building forts and throwing flour around while you’re trying to make a cake that’s way out of your league. I’ve really tried to embrace that, especially since we have a little boy. I want to make sure that I let him live more than I try to keep things tidy.

But after the messes are made and the baths are taken, it feels good to fall asleep in a clean house. Usually after we put Cove down, things go back in their place and messes are clean. Luckily, I can even get away with vacuuming while he’s asleep (he’s a hard sleeper).

I am always looking for some natural alternatives to cleaning products. After coming across the Cleaner Hall of Shame list a few years ago, I realized how many dangerous products we had in our home. Even worse, I was using some of them multiple times a week. Thanks to our friends at The Honest Company, we were able to try out some of their home cleaning products. If the fresh scents didn’t sell me, it was the fact that all of their products are made without the chemicals and toxins that so many other cleaning products have. Some of our favorites include the All-Purpose Cleaner, Lemon Dish Soap, Lavender Hand Soap and the Hand Sanitizer Gel (which keeps your hands moisturized instead of drying them out). Just like their diapers, you can have your cleaning supplies sent your door in a monthly bundle. Try the Honest Essentials Bundle out for free on their website, or scroll to the bottom of this post.

I hope that I can make cleaning a game so that when Cove get’s older he has just as much fun cleaning as he does making messes. For now, I’m enjoying his giggles of excitement when peach juice runs down his cute chubby cheeks.

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*Thank you to The Honest Company for sponsoring this post and for the products in exchange for an honest review. 

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