I can’t say I’m a fan of cleaning… But there is something about spring that really get’s me in the mood to clean out every nook and cranny. Ian has walked in on me multiple times pulling everything out of the bathroom cabinets, closets and our pantry, before asking me why I decided to start cleaning at 9 o’clock at night. I never really have a good answer for it, but it’s just some weird urge that overtakes me, and it always seems to hit me late at night. I am trying to be more proactive by starting earlier in the day and prioritizing so I don’t get distracted.

I put together a quick list of things I am doing this spring as well as some of my favorite products I’m using to help declutter and deep clean.

All Over The House / Family Room

  • Clean and wipe down baseboards
  • Wipe down blinds
  • Wash curtains, slipcovers and throw pillows
  • Wipe down walls and scrub marks off
  • Wipe down and dust lighting and ceiling fans
  • Throw out junk mail and stacks of unneeded papers
  • Vacuum furniture



  • Rotate / flip mattresses
  • Wash all bedding and duvets
  • Go through closet and create donate / throw away piles of unused clothing (if you’re like me and love to shop, check out this new process I have for buying clothes)
  • Add baking soda / essential oil salts to drawers and shoes to get rid of unwanted smells
  • Dust everything


  • Clean out makeup and medicine cabinets (throw away responsibly)
  • Wash all bathmats
  • Deep clean shower and tub (Ian’s favorite…)
  • Clean out drains and faucets
  • Deep clean grout
  • Wash out trashcan

I know it seems like a lot, but we tend to spread everything out over a week, tackling one section at a time. I like going through the cleaning process over a few days so you still have time to enjoy your life, ha. Try tackling one room at a time, until you’ve finished it all.

It’s been fun to have a little helper this year with all the cleaning. The process moves much slower, but Cove makes it much more fun. He loves to sweep, so he had a blast helping me clean out from underneath the fridge, stove and dresser with this Microfiber Under Appliance Duster. We even found a few toys that he had been hiding underneath, ha. I really like how you can take off the sweeper to wash it after. While he was playing with that, I headed to the stove to give it a good scrub. I stopped using chemicals to clean a while ago, so it can sometimes be more work to get all the build up off. These Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set’s were really helpful, paired with vinegar and baking soda. They also came in handy when cleaning out the grim the builds up in the faucet. Our favorite for organizing has been this 10-Piece POP Container Set. Ian loved seeing everything in a clean and easy to use way in our pantry (he’s all about how easy it is to get to something). Cove loved the pop tops. They really spruced up our cabinets and are so much easier than clipping bags shut or things going bad because they weren’t sealed well.

I hope this helps you all as you declutter and start your spring cleaning. I’d love to hear what other spring cleaning tips you have and what your favorite products to help you are!

*Thanks to OXO for working with us on this post. All opinions are our own. 

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