I’m so over the moon it’s spring. I’m even more excited to experience it all with Cove this year. Easter, planting in the yard, strawberry picking and all the other fun things that come with spring time. This past week we were outside pretty much every day, all day. I started clearing out our flower beds and planted a few rose bushes, along with some other plants, to fill it up before we mulched. This year, my mom bought me another lavender bush to go with the the smaller one I bought from Pikes. I’m slightly obsessed with lavender… We use the lavender essential oil in our house daily and now that I have the fresh stuff everywhere in our garden, we’ll be spreading that around too.

I fell in love with this flowy top from PinkBlush when I saw it. The delicate details and lavender color were perfect for spring. PinkBlush has some amazing new items for this season. I picked up this top, a long sleeveless tunic, and another dress I’ll be sharing with you guys very soon for Easter. You may remember from this post how much I love their company and their maternity/non-maternity items. I’ve been really happy with the quality of their clothes and the fun styles they add every season. So much so, I thought we’d do another giveaway for a $50 gift card to their shop. Head on over to my Instagram – @govictoria to enter today.

I also wanted to share a few practical ways we use lavender around our home:

  • Calming and Sleep – We rub lavender on our feet and wrist to help calm our nerves or help us sleep longer and harder at night. You can keep a small lavender plant in your bedroom to help purify the air and let the aroma out at night to help with sleep aid.
    • We also diffuse lavender almost every day with either wild orange, peppermint or just by itself, to give our house a fresh smell.
  • Insect Bites – Mosquitoes are in love with my blood. It’s pretty miserable. I keep a roller ball with fractioned coconut oil and lavender in it to keep the mosquitos away naturally and help with swelling/itching if I do get bite.
  • Dry Skin/Chapped Lips – I use the same roller ball for areas of my skin that get dry or for chapped lips. It’s a much more natural way to add aroma to your moisturizer too.
  • Fevers – When Cove has a fever, or even Ian and I, I rub some on the bottom of our feet to help calm our bodies and reduce symptoms of a fever. While this doesn’t always work with high fevers, we go to this method first, especially during teething times…
  • Cooking – who doesn’t love a good batch of lavender tea cookies? Okay, maybe it’s not for everyone… But I could eat a dozen of these. I haven’t tried making lavender ice cream yet, but I am planning on it this summer.
  • Laundry – Instead of using dryer sheets, we have a few dryer balls that we add a few drops of lavender on for each load. Cove loves hearing them roll around in the dryer too.
  • Acne and Burns – Rub a few drops of lavender with coconut oil on the affected areas, and it calms and soothes them.


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