It’s been some time since I’ve filled you in on our life. We’ve been busy getting ready to launch some new things here on TST and Ian’s been working away at his company, which has some big things coming. This means it’s been a lot of late nights and working through the weekends or us. But we are so grateful for where we are, even if there is little to no down time. God has blessed us both and we know it’s all part of where we are right now. The busyness has helped us be really intentional in our time with each other, and we’ve felt the freedom to say no to things. Even if those no’s are for really great things, having too much going on leaves us not doing anything well.

I was reading about Johnny Cash the other weekend while we were in Nashville, and I came across this quote when he was asked what his idea of paradise is, “This morning, having coffee, with her.” (talking about June Carter). I can’t get over how much I resonate with that. Saturday mornings are my favorite with my boys. Slow, with lots of coffee. We really aim to make time for the three of us even in all the chaos. At least one dinner and park date every week, and one night for one-on-one time with Ian and I. It’s what keeps us energized and motivated to keep working hard.

Every age with Cove is so much fun, but this one has been particularly sweet. His little personality has developed so much. Even though he’s not talking, he is so animated and picks up everything. One thing I particularly want to remember about this age is his affection. He is so sweet and will run up to me or Ian, sit in our lap and throw his arms around us. Most of the time, he’ll lay a big open mouth kiss right on our face too. Before we lay him down for his nap or bedtime, we sing “You are My Sunshine” or “Amazing Grace” and he lays his head on us until we’re finished with the song. It’s perfect. He’s also obsessed with blueberries, crackers and rocks. I can’t wait to see what this summer brings for us together.

I recently had the opportunity to work with the beautiful Katelyn Cantrell (who is just about the cutest and sweetest person I’ve ever met) on a little session for Koolaburra, a brand by UGG. I loved how she captured what our mornings look like around here. Be sure to head over to her page and check out her amazing work.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


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