After we left San Diego, we spent a day driving up the coast to Malibu. Traffic was a beast, and when you’ve got a baby crying in the backseat, it can make things feel ten times worse. After an hour or two, we made it to El Matador Beach. I fell in love with this place when we went to Malibu two years ago, so I knew it would lift everyone’s spirits that day. It was overcast, but the sun started peaking through the clouds when we got there, which made it even more magical. Cove was so happy and kept waving at the ocean. As we walked around it started to sprinkle, but instead of running to our car, we just decided to dance in the rain (literally). It was such a fun memory and it helped put the traffic / travel trauma behind us. Afterwards, we had dinner at Malibu Farm, which was right on the pier and had such a beautiful atmosphere. It was a perfect way to end the day.

Some days traveling with a baby can be extremely difficult. You never know what to expect, so you can plan your day one way, but you have to be laid back and know that there is a good possibility that things aren’t going to go the way you thought they would. When Ian and I first started traveling together, we would begin our days before sunrise and go past sunset every day so we could see everything possible while we were there. We obviously knew that wouldn’t be the case when we started traveling with Cove. Instead of being bummed about missing things, we just added additional days to our trip since we knew things would take longer. That way when there are melt downs, extra long naps or you just need to pull over at the nearest playground to let them crawl, you aren’t missing out on seeing things, you’re just making memories in a new place. 

Pre-kid, I used to wonder why people would travel with their kids to certain places because their little kids wouldn’t remember it. As soon as I had Cove my whole perspective changed. Even if Cove never remembers that day at El Matador Beach (which he won’t), Ian and I got to experience it with him. And that’s what mattered most to us. It’s honestly worth all the meltdowns, extra stuff you have to pack and the three hours of crying on the airplane.

Ian and I have always said how much we value experiencing new places, things, people, cultures, and how important it is for our children to learn that. Traveling for us is about more than luxury or relaxing. It’s about learning that the world is a lot bigger than you and where you’re comfortable, it’s about learning new cultures and people. That’s what makes it so exhilarating. So our travels may change in some ways, but in the important ways it really stays the same.

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