Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Between all the parties, family, and cheer I also get to transform my home into miniature winter wonderland. When we started our family two years ago, I was really excited about decorating for Christmas. But when I actually started putting the decorations up, I realized it was more than just making your home look beautiful. It was about the memories and traditions that come along with it. I love to see how other people transform their home through the holidays. Each ornament or decoration has a special meaning or memory behind it. As Ian and I decorate, I think about the items that people have given us, that we got from an ornament exchange, or just the fun in putting it all up together while listening to Frank Sinatra and Big Band Music.

With that being said, here is a small tour of our home at Christmas.

Tacky Christmas Party 8

Every year, Ian and I go through the back yard and trim our trees and tie the branches together for the garland inside. As messy at it can sometimes be, the smell is intoxicating and so worth it when we finally get it all tied up.

Tacky Christmas Party 60

Our living room tree was actually very different than last year. I had a lot of red and green glitter (similar to the tree in our kitchen) and I didn’t feel like it flowed with the room. I knew I wanted to incorporate burlap and a champagne color since the room is pretty neutral. The ribbon and burlap I got 75% off at Micheals and I tore old book pages out of books to add a more vintage look. All of the ornaments were either made or ornaments that Ian and I collected throughout the years. To top it all off  I tied lace around branches and added cinnamon pinecones.

Tacky Christmas Party 48 Tacky Christmas Party 42

The dining room is one my favorite rooms to decorate every year. The tree is a combination of grapevine garland, mercury glass, pinecones, and brown ornaments.

Tacky Christmas Party 24 (1)


As a table centerpiece, I took random packaging paper, string, and fabric and made six small trees to stand in the middle of the table. Then we added some live christmas tree branches around the trees to give it an earthy feel. (Plus I love the smell, ha)

Tacky Christmas Party 30

Tacky Christmas Party 28 Tacky Christmas Party 26

Our kitchen tree kept the grinch theme this year, which is still so much fun. I have so many little penguin ornaments on the tree that I have collected over the years. My mom still buys me one every year for Christmas.

Tacky Christmas Party 19

The most beautiful thing about the decorations to me, is that every time we turn on the lights I get that giddy joyful feeling. It reminds me of the same joy that we have in knowing Christ was born on earth to bring us hope and love. And that is what the whole season is really about.

Tacky Christmas Party 77

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