I feel a little bit funny writing this post because I am in no way a beauty or makeup artist. In fact, I think I probably do the bare minimum when it comes to beauty. If you are anything like me and only give maybe 5-10 minutes on your beauty regime in the morning, then you may be interested in reading about my favorite products. When it comes to hair and makeup I always believe you should be working towards effortless and natural more than trying to achieve a look that transforms you into someone else. Beauty products should be to enhance your natural beauty and be fun, not something we feel like we have to live by or for.

HAIR I probably spend the majority of time on my hair everyday. I have naturally fine hair, but I have a lot of it. Because it’s so fine it falls heavy around my face. I don’t wash it everyday, so dry shampoo is a lifesaver and keeps my hair from looking greasy and gives it some texture. Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo is one of my favorites I’ve used. It smells so good and doesn’t leave as much white residue as other products. I also use a teasing brush daily at my roots to keep my hair from looking flat on top. Mine is nothing fancy, just a small one I got on Amazon. I also use a Tangle Teezer whenever I get out of the shower and on the tips of my hair after styling. It works great on wet or dry hair and is way less damaging than using a standard brush.

MAKEUP This past year, I downloaded the ThinkDirty App and was shocked at all the make up products I was using that contained products that are terrible for you. I typically don’t spend a lot on makeup, so I was kind of bummed when I found out a good amount of the drugstore products I used where on the never use list. The good news is, the app gives you some great alternatives (in price too) and most of the products I’ve switched to I have loved even more than the products I was using. Have you every noticed how children and men look completely normal without any makeup? They have long eyelashes, beautiful skin and less dark circles and red spots? Well it dawned on me after talking with a friend, it is probably due to the crazy amount of stuff women put on our faces every day. Most products age us and make us rely on those products so we feel like we have to wear them. Then I found out about Beauty Counter, a product line that cares about the ingredient list and safety of the products we put on our skin. I have been really impressed with their Never List – a list of products that they will never put in their products. I use their mascara every day, and have noticed a significant change in my eyelashes and love that the wand keeps your mascara from clumping and those icky spider lashes. It has given me more natural lashes for sure. I also love their cleansing balm, charcoal bar and sunscreen. If you are interested in learning more, definitely reach out to my friend Brittany.

I also use Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eyeliner, Brow Define and Fill Duo and Clinique Brow Shaper almost every day on my eyes and eyebrows. My eyebrows are blonde, so this is just to fill them in as naturally as possible. I don’t wear much else besides some bronzer and something on my lips. Most days when I am home, I will only use a chapstick or my LipSense Moisturizing Gloss (which I get from my friend Illene.) If I am going out or meeting up with friends, I will use some color.

SKIN CARE I have always had pretty good skin. It’s a little oily, but nothing to be concerned about. I don’t use foundation or concealer daily. I know…Gasp! But I honestly think that has helped me out. As I entered my late twenties, I did start caring about eye creams. I use 100% pure coffee bean eye cream every morning on and around my eyes. It smells amazing and I love that its on the non toxic side of eye creams. And at night, I use Frankincense Oil mixed with fractioned coconut oil on the areas where my wrinkles have already started to develop. Frankincense has been around for hundreds of years, and its properties have always been beneficial for your skin, so I figured you can’t get any more natural than that. And then for moisturizer and for blemishes I use Desert Essence Products. Specifically their Oil Control Lotion and Blemish Touch Stick. Ian always jokes that I smell like a Eucalyptus tree when I crawl into bed at night, and I secretly love it, haha. You also probably saw in one of my last post, that I have been using LashBoost. I really love the results and use it every other night and my lashes have thickened and grew a great deal in length. After all my postpartum hair loss, I noticed how my eyelashes and eyebrows were affected too. LashBoost has definitely helped me get them back and then some. You can get some with my friend Deborah.

So there you have it! That’s it. And I want to know that I am being completely upfront and honest with you all about these products (Well I am with all my posts). I would never share something with you that I didn’t use myself. I’m sure you can tell from this list, that I’m not into brands or what’s most expensive. I just use what works for me.


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