This past weekend I turned 26 and got to spend the weekend roaming around Nashville with my love to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary. I have to say, I felt super spoiled and loved on by so many. I really appreciate all your kind words, messages and thoughts. This year has probably been one of the first birthday’s I haven’t been super thrilled about turning another year older. I wanted to be 25 forever. (cue all the laughs) Now that I have gradually started accepting the fact I am in my late twenties, I am embracing more and more that these years will be some of the best of my life.

We visited Nashville about three years ago and fell in love with it. Since it had been a while, and we didn’t want to drive too far for our getaway, we decided to visit again and see all the new things the city had as well as a few things we weren’t able to see last time. Ian booked us a suite at the Hutton and it was divine. The customer service was amazing and I loved being near The Gulch. Some of my favorite stops of the weekend included Le Sel, Proper Bagel, Mas Tacos, The Pharmacy and Killebrew Coffee. (Can you tell I love food or what?!) We also loved shopping on 12th Avenue near Frothy Monkey and seeing all the new/old stuff there as well. Ian and I both really enjoyed the Gulch, and spent a good amount of time strolling through Two Old Hippies and gawking over all the interior design throughout the area.

Time away is so good for both of us. We have a lot of really exciting things coming up this year and with that brings a lot of late nights working and busyness with the season. Being able to get away just the two of us and explore and rest was really something special. No matter what we have going on, it’s important for us to say no to everything else once and a while to make sure our relationship is being poured into. We are both each others greatest supporters so if that portion of our life isn’t full, than nothing else will be either.

Here are some pictures below of the weekend. Thank you all again for your sweet words! Have a great week.


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